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Fuller’s announces new partnership with Rest Less

Date: 11 Oct 2022
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Fuller’s  is delighted to announce a new partnership with Rest Less – the UK’s fastest growing digital platform for the over 50s – in a bid to entice older workers back into employment. 

The campaign, which launched on 1 October, will see Fuller’s posting specific positions on Rest Less’ job board right across its businesses and geographical area.

Dawn Browne, Fuller’s People & Talent Director, said: “We have always had a number of older workers in Fuller’s, but this is the first time we have specifically targeted this area of recruitment with a bespoke campaign."

“Older workers have a lot to offer us – and we have a lot to offer them, with shift lengths and work patterns to suit. We are very much a people business, and the older generation bring an exceptional level of customer service and consumer interaction.

We already have a number of older workers – including some octogenarians – among our team members, and it would be great to increase that number. Around a third of the UK’s workforce is over 50, yet we only have a small percentage within our 5,000 employees. I’m really looking forward to seeing this partnership move that dial.”

Rest Less has nearly one million subscribers, so we know that demographic are active and keen to contribute to society. You can browse the available positions here.

Meet Rose from The Frog & Wicket, Eversley

Laura, General Manager at The Frog & Wicket told us, "Rose has worked at The Frog for many years, starting behind the bar and now does three mornings a week polishing the cutlery, folding napkins, and various restaurant jobs. She's even been known to see the dray in on a Wednesday morning and Vinny is her favourite drayman.

Having previously worked for Whitbread for over 30 years, she moved to The Frog, working for the previous tenants behind the bar. She was nervous when Fuller's took over that she would no longer be required but she is so very grateful that she now works for a wonderful company and really enjoys coming to work.

Rose is an essential part of the team and is loved by everyone. In her spare time, she enjoys looking after her dog, gardening and reading and once she's finished work, she comes round and sits by the fireplace and reads her book. Then gives us all the gossip on what's been happening that week." 


Meet Colin from The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

Jon, General Manager at The Wykeham Arms said: "Colin Nutbeam (Coach) is former a carpenter and 50-year employee of Winchester college. He has also been drinking at The Wykeham arms for 50 years in his own stool in the corner of the "Ham" bar (named after lady Hamilton, the adjacent bar is called Nelson).

Colin was great friends with former landlord Graeme Jameson, and before his untimely death in 2002, Colin promised to keep watch over the pub in his absence. He did this in one way by opening up and un-setting alarms for the cleaner at between 3 and 4 am, every morning, 7 days a week, without fail. 

Another friendship forged in the hallowed Wykeham Arms was with local Author and Sherlock Holmes writer, Brian Freemantle. So taken by the friendship, Freemantle added Colin as a character in one of his Novels. 

Upon his retirement from Winchester college, Colin joined the team at The Wykeham on as a part time handyman. He is, as we say, part of the furniture, most of which he has built or fixed at some point, and a true legend of The Wyke!" 



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