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In light of our first Management Training Programme (MTP) assessment day of 2022, we thought it would be a great chance to share some of our recent success stories. 

Our management training programme is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of our Assistant and Deputy Managers and aid their career progression by enhancing leadership ability. It covers topics such as team development & recruitment, operational management, business acumen and commercial thinking, as well as influencing and communication skills. Despite the pandemic and a tough couple of years for the hospitality industry, it’s positive to see so many team members progress to running their own pubs.


Jake from The Bear & Ragged Staff, Romsey


Jake joined Fuller's in 2015 as a barman at The Ship Inn, Langstone. He found himself going round in circles in his previous job, trying to get a promotion and watching his friends leave. A few chefs Jake knew had moved to Fuller’s and were progressing quickly, making big jumps to more respectable and prestigious positions within the company.

One of the chefs, Ricky got in touch one day and asked Jake if he’d like to come for an interview at The Ship Inn. After meeting the General Manager, Daniel, Jake’s mind was instantly made up and he decided to join the rest of his friends that were excelling in their careers.

Not long after joining The Ship, Jake was promoted to Assistant Manager and was working towards MTP.

“Although the assessment day was tough and testing, it was exciting and came with a real sense of accomplishment. MTP helped me realise that progressing in hospitality was what I wanted”.

This was followed by several pub holds and lots of training days with Scott Clark.

“Scott was the real reason I got through MTP. I was holding The King's Head in Guildford and was finding it difficult to juggle MTP with my first long-term hold. It came with a lot of challenges and took me a while before I started applying for my first appointment. I really had to step out of my comfort zone to see that becoming a General Manager was what I really wanted”.

Jake started applying for General Manager roles and missed out on two pubs before he got The Bear and Ragged Staff in Romsey.

“The rest is history and I could not see myself anywhere else. I love my job, my position, my pub and most importantly my team. If I can help just one person get to where they want to be, I feel I would have paid back a small part of the faith, belief and patience that Scott, Mark (my last GM) and so many others showed me in my last seven years with Fuller's. I’ve realised what a difference working in hospitality and more specifically for Fuller's, I can make”.

Marta from The Iron Duke, Mayfair


Marta had completed her MTP in January 2020, just before the Lockdown. She started her journey with Fuller’s in December 2018 as Deputy Manager at The Admiralty on Trafalgar Square.

Marta was holding The Admiralty throughout the pandemic, before moving on to The Drayton Court in May 2021. In December, Marta moved to The Iron Duke for her first General Manager role.

“I enjoyed completing my MTP very much. We were lucky to have such a fun and enthusiastic group and the meetings we had in person with Scott were even better as we got to work together and get to know each other well”.

“I was coming in as a bit on a newbie so I found it useful to understand what working for Fuller’s was really about and the progression opportunities that were available to me. I miss my MTP days so much but I’m very happy running my little pub in London”.

David from The Latymers, Hammersmith


David joined Fuller’s in the summer of 2012, starting at The Barrowboy & Banker as a barman with no previous hospitality experience. He soon fell in love with the industry, the family values of Fuller’s and how everything was focused around the customer experience.

“I loved my job but I wanted to do more. Fuller’s provided so many training opportunities which added a lot of excitement to my journey. I became a service coach, a supervisor and then a trainee assistant manager before I  moved to The Admiralty in 2015. It’s no secret that The Admiralty became my big love and I would definitely consider returning there one day!”

David continued to make the most out of the courses Fuller’s provided with the Five Star Programme making a big impact. At the end of 2018, he started his MTP. To gain an all-around experience as a Deputy Manager, David transferred to the Parcel Yard in 2019.

“MTP really helped me grow. I have learnt a lot from Scott’s guidance and the course helped me face my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. I made many friends during the cycle and it’s amazing to see how all of us are now General Managers now and running successful businesses with some even applying for their second pubs”.

“I applied for a couple of pubs before I had a successful interview to manage the Latymers. I really felt that the pub was something special and I care more and more for it every day. MTP has successfully prepared me by teaching me leadership skills and the business acumen to have the right vision for the pub and why it’s a great place to visit”.

“I never thought I'd work in hospitality. I feel lucky and grateful that I've found my passion and I know that Fuller’s Training and Development system has made it possible. Even at the start of my journey, becoming a General Manager seemed possible because I was taught about each stage of the development journey I would need to go through to get me there”.

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