What’s the scoop on Buffalo Milk Ice Cream?

If you’ve ordered a pudding in one of our pubs, you would have received a generous dollop of ice cream by Laverstoke Park Farm alongside it.

When you tasted your first spoonful, you would have noticed something different. The ice cream was velvety and smooth on the tongue, the flavour was rich and creamy, and you instantly knew it was far superior to any ice cream you’ve tried before. You wondered what the secret ingredient was that made it taste so good – and where you could get more…

If you haven’t had the chance to try our ice cream yet, make sure you do next time you’re at your local Fuller’s pub. Here we explain what makes Laverstoke Park Farm’s Buffalo Ice Cream taste so good.

Buffalo ice cream by laverstoke park farm in Fuller's pubs.

About Laverstoke Park Farm

Our ice cream comes from Laverstoke Park Farm – our hand-picked local supplier from Hampshire. At the heart of Laverstoke Park Farm are herds of Asian water buffalo producing protein-rich and nutritious milk, perfect for making the creamiest artisan ice cream in England.

We chose Laverstoke Park Farm as a supplier for our ice cream, mozzarella and gouda for its locality, ethical treatment of animals, and high-quality dairy products.

At the farm, the herds of Asian water buffalo graze freely on organic pasture which has 31 different herbs, grasses and clovers to increase the quality of their milk – creating organic milk that is richer and more nutritional than commercial dairy breeds. The buffalo at the farm lead happy lives, and the protein-rich milk is perfect ingredient for making cheese and ice cream.

Buffalo ice cream by laverstoke park farm in Fuller's pubs.
Buffalo ice cream by laverstoke park farm in Fuller's pubs.

Why you need to try Buffalo Ice Cream

Described by Laverstoke Park Farm’s founder Jody Scheckter as “the best tasting ice cream in the world,” buffalo ice cream is unique to Fuller’s Kitchens. The farm supplies us with delectable ice cream flavours – some of which are created in conjunction with our own expert chefs to create bespoke flavours that are exclusive to our pubs.

Containing no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, Laverstoke Park Farm’s buffalo ice cream boasts a higher nutrient content, including higher calcium, iron and protein levels than cow’s milk, and less cholesterol. Buffalo milk is the core contributing factor to producing ice cream that’s rich in flavour and its creamy in texture feels smooth and velvety on the tongue. We promise that once you try it, your ice cream palate will never be the same again.

To find your closest Fuller’s pub serving Laverstoke Park Farm Buffalo Ice Cream, click here: Find a Fuller’s Kitchen.

Buffalo ice cream by laverstoke park farm in Fuller's pubs.
Buffalo ice cream by laverstoke park farm in Fuller's pubs.

Our local suppliers

Fuller’s endorses and promotes the use of local, British produce wherever possible, working with local farmers, manufacturers and suppliers to create fresh, innovative ingredients and recipes found in dishes unique to Fuller’s pubs.

Find a Fuller’s pub near you with a Fuller’s Kitchen to taste the Fuller’s difference. 

Find out more about why Fuller’s chose Laverstoke Park Farm and read about our other local suppliers.  

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