How to brew a pint of London Pride - Part 3: Packing & Distribution

The beer making process is both a science and an artform and has been the speciality of The Griffin Brewery for more than 175 years. 

There’s nothing better than a fresh pint of cask ale from a barrel that’s been lovingly brewed and cared for. The team at the brewery have been working on a fresh batch of London Pride and it's now ready to be packaged up and distributed.


The balancing act that leads to the perfect pint...

Brewing a fantastic cask ale is all about patience and passion. Since you signed up to Adopt a Pint, you've followed your pint of London Pride through the brewing and fermentation process and now the team are adding the final, finishing flourishes before it's packaged up and sent to Fuller's pubs across the country. Read our previous blog post to see just how far your pint of London Pride has come.


Did you know? Cask beer is never filtered. There's a careful balancing act performed by skilled brewers to identify when the beer is matured and fermented to perfection. They make sure  that all the best bits of the beer are kept in because that's what adds to the ale's rounded, full and refreshing flavour. Hopefully you've been enjoying our great range of exclusive cask beers on offer throughout our of Fresh Beer Served Here campaign.


The brewing experts know when the exact time is right to pour the London Pride into casks, which will be delivered to Fuller’s pubs in the early hours of the morning.


It’s then the pub’s job to take care of the cask until it reaches your glass. That includes leaving it in the cellar to settle in and ripen into the perfect pint.


Fresh Beer Served Here

If you've signed up to Adopt a Pint, it won’t be long now until your free pint of London Pride is ready to be claimed. In the meantime, why not head to your local Fuller’s pub to join us as we continue to celebrate cask ale with exclusive beers, guest brews and special events. Find out more

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