How to brew a pint of London Pride

The beer making process is both a science and an artform and has been the speciality of London-based brewery Fuller’s for more than 175 years. 

There’s nothing better than a fresh pint of cask ale from the barrel that’s been lovingly brewed and cared for. The team at the brewery have started brewing a fresh batch of London Pride and over the next month we’ll be sharing its journey with you, from grain to glass.


The beginning of the brewing process...

The brewing process starts early in the morning – which means chances are, you were still tucked up in bed when the brewers started making your pint of London Pride.

Thanks to the fruity, full-bodied yeasts that help develop the flavour of our cask ales right up to the moment they reach your glass, every freshly poured pint is absolutely unique. What they all have in common is four simple ingredients, each one as important as the last, which combine to make a rich, complex ale.


Brewing begins with grains, and we use carefully chosen, deeply roasted malted barley to give your pint of London Pride a richer, darker colour. Water is treated to make sure it produces the very best flavour and is added at precisely the right temperature and left to steep for around an hour. This ‘mashing-in’ process releases the barley’s sugars, which is an essential part of the brewing process.



The resulting sticky, sweet liquid, known as ‘wort,’ is transferred into a Copper (a bit like a giant kettle) where the hops are then added. These provide a touch of bitterness and that familiar rich, fruity cask-ale aroma that everyone loves.

Picture of inside a microbrewery used for making beer

Finally, after cooling, Fuller’s unique yeast strain is added, which starts the fermentation process that makes a pint of London Pride such a joy to drink.

Join us for Cask Ale Week

Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post which talks all about the fermentation stage. In the meantime, visit your local Fuller’s pub and join us as we celebrate cask ale with exclusive beers, guest brews and special ale-themed events. Find out more

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