The Kid's Table comes to Fuller's pubs


With a sudden chill in the air and the clocks going back there is no denying that winter is well and truly upon us. But it’s not all doom and gloom, in fact there’s a lot to love about winter – roaring fires, cosy corners, the warmth of the pub hitting you when you come in from the cold and of course, Sundays – the perfect day for family fun and embracing everything that we love about the season. 

No perfect Sunday comes without making sure the whole family is happy, which is why we’re excited to tell you all about The Kid’s Table - a fantastic arts and crafts service led by experienced childcare providers in a selection of Fuller's pubs across London with the aim to provide adults with some well-earned down-time while their children are entertained. 

The Kid’s Table was created by Sarah Frow, who struggled to find family friendly pubs that offered an enjoyable experience for both adults and kids. Here she tells us how the idea was born and what you have to look forward to in an afternoon with the Kid’s Table.


When was your light bulb Kids’ Table moment?

In 2016, I was on holiday in Ibiza with my husband and son. We arrived at a beach restaurant fully expecting to inhale one bowl of pasta before being dragged back to the beach by a bored toddler. However, we discovered that there was a kids’ corner there with toys, drawing and face paints, and our son stayed there for hours having an absolute ball while my husband and I enjoyed a three-course meal, bottle of wine and some adult conversation – it felt like a lunch out from our care-free pre-parent days.

I turned to my husband and said, "how incredible if we had something like this in London pubs, it would be a total game changer for weekend socialising". So we arrived back home, I quit my job in PR and set about launching The Kids’ Table.


What kind of activity are the children provided with? 

Our main focus is arts and crafts – we make a different themed creation each week so there’s always something new to keep the kids interested and wanting to come back week after week. Our themes are always topical, so it gives our teams something to talk to the kids about too – like Space Week, World Book Day or Guy Fawkes.


Why do you think the Kid’s Table works so well in pubs? 

Pubs are the hub of a community, they are places where people come together to relax and enjoy socialising. The only thing missing before was the opportunity for parents to enjoy the relaxing part alongside a tasty roast and a relaxing drink with friends. With The Kids’ Table on board, a pub can offer the best possible dining experience to families. It helps maximise the family market because parents will stay longer and spend more as a result when they’re not being pestered by bored kids wanting to leave. We can guarantee that they will come back every week once their eating out experience has been transformed by The Kids’ Table. It really is a win-win for both families and pub managers.


Don’t just take Sarah’s word for it, customers are raving about it too, with “absolute game changer” and “the best lunch out with the family you can find London” being amongst recent reviews.

So, if you’re looking for a relaxing Sunday that keeps the whole family happy, you’ve come to the right place - check out The Kid’s Table in a selection of our pubs across the capital and consider your weekends transformed.

Fuller's Pubs that host The Kid's Table

The Great Northern Railway, Hornsey
The Barrel and Horn, Bromley 
The Turks Head, Twickenham
The Windjammer, Royal Wharf
The George IV, Chiswick
The Distillers, Hammersmith
The Mason's Arms, Battersea

Find out more about The Kid's Table here.

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