Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022


International Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March each year and is a global day commending the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. 

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day. We caught up with some of the female team members within Fuller’s to talk about why we celebrate International Women’s Day, what it means to them and the positives of working together.

Dawn & Monique

We’re kicking off International Women’s Day with a conversation between Fuller’s People Director, Dawn Browne and Fuller’s People Experience Manager, Monique Samra. The pair discuss everything from what International Women’s Day means to them, to ways we can encourage women to pursue more leadership roles, and also the best things about working with the women in their team.

“As an employer, it’s important to make leadership roles as accessible as every other role, particularly in our kitchens where it can be demanding with the long hours but also very fulfilling. We’ve been working hard to think about how we can create an environment that’s as brilliant for women as it is for men.” - Dawn

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Iliana, General Manager at The Telephone Exchange

Illiana manages The Telephone Exchange and has an 80% female workforce. We spoke about her progression within Fuller's, what International Women's Day means to her and also what it's like to manage her team.

Iliana joined Fuller’s six years ago as a bartender at The Parcel Yard, King’s Cross. Her manager at the time, Nick Cameron, spotted her talent and helped promote Iliana to an assistant manager role. She continued her journey at The Admiralty then moved to The Half Moon where she started working towards her MTP (Management Training Programme). Once she completed her MTP she took on her first hold at The Telephone Exchange.

“The other women like Sinead Murphy and Justyna Kacprzyk had already progressed to general manager roles around the same time and they really helped me grow. I thought if they can do it, so can I. Sinead’s 20-year career at Fuller’s was inspiring, and Justyna and myself have remained great friends throughout our time at Fuller's, she always gives me advice and helps me out.”

Iliana works with an 80% female team.

“I’ve never worked with so many females. It can be tough but also very interesting. There are some very strong characters with big opinions, but I feel as a workforce we are mentally strong and always very organised.”

“Coming from Bulgaria, International Women’s Day is a big occasion. I grew up knowing 8 March was a celebration of all women. We would gift our mothers presents and flowers on this day instead of having a Mother’s Day.”


Grazina, Indra and Sofia, General Managers within Ale & Pie

We spoke to best friends, Grazina, General Manager at The Jack Horner, Indra, General Manager at The Astronomer and Sofia, General Manager at The Red Lion, Westminster - all Ale & Pie pubs. All three women have been General Managers of The Jack Horner at different times but their friendship has grown while working in Fuller’s Ale & Pie pubs.

“We’re very different and we’ve all got different skill sets but it works. The Ale & Pie team is so close and if someone new comes in we make an effort to include them.”

“We’re always helping and supporting each other. When I moved to The Astronomer, Sofia was the first person I would go to if I needed to ask something. I felt like Sofia had loads of experience.” - Indra 

“We can laugh and joke but also talk about serious issues. It’s like having real friends as you would outside of work. We always look forward to our area meetings, it’s so much fun being able to catch up and see everybody.” 

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Sam and Evelina, General Manager and Deputy Manager at The Sanctuary House Hotel

Sam and Evelina have been working together for 16 years. Sam has helped Evelina progress her career since she started working in The Papermill as a waitress. Evelina was then promoted to assistant manager, then to deputy manager at The Sanctuary House, where Sam was manager. Evelina is currently working towards her MTP which will help her progress to a general manager role one day.

“We have a way of working together, we’ve known each other so long we only need to look at the other person to know what they're thinking. Sam will ask me to do something and most of the time it’s already been done. It’s a good partnership.” - Evelina

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These are just a few of the wonderful women at Fuller's. Happy International Women's Day to all the women in Pier House and the pubs!

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