Laverstoke Park Farm takes on Italy at mozzarella making

Can Britain make better mozzarella than the Italians? Laverstoke Park Farm, one of Fuller’s hand-picked suppliers from Hampshire, is off to Italy to settle a debate about who makes the best mozzarella. 

Fuller’s chose Laverstoke Park Farm as a supplier for our pubs for their locality, ethical treatment of animals, and high quality, delicious dairy products. The farm produces our mozzarella, gouda and our ice cream from the herds of Asian water buffalo producing protein-rich and nutritious milk, perfect for cheese and ice cream. 

Is the mozzarella served in Fuller’s pubs better than the Italian version? Laverstoke Park Farm has been invited to Italy to find out!


The Buffalo Mozzarella Grand Prix 

The farm’s invitation to a taste-off challenge was made by Pier Maria Saccani, the head of the consortium of buffalo mozzarella producers in Campania, following Laverstoke Park Farm owner Jody Scheckter’s claims to make buffalo mozzarella that is at least as good as the Italian’s on his Hampshire farm, as reported in The Daily Telegraph in February. 

The challenge surfaced from discussions about which UK producers stand to benefit from a possible no-deal Brexit. Keen to prove that the best mozzarella is made here in England, Laverstoke Park Farm is off to Italy. 

“I stand by my claims that our Hampshire-made mozzarella is at least as good as Italian mozzarella. We get it to the retailers the same day that it is made, whereas it takes up to five days for Italian mozzarella to reach its destination,” Jody said. 

“Our buffalo spend most of the time in the field whereas in Italy most are kept inside. We have worked hard over the last four years to get our quality consistently good. I am confident in the quality of our product, but it is not going to be easy as they have been making it for hundreds of years in Italy learning from each other, at worst we may learn something.” 

As a former Formula One world champion turned farmer, Jody said forty years ago this year he was celebrating winning on the track when he was crowned Formula One World Champion with Ferrari. 

“Forty years ago it was cars and now it is mozzarella. I like to win but hate to lose. Preparation is key and I will be putting as much thought and focus into this cheese prix as I did my racing.” 
We wish Laverstoke Park Farm all the best in their Buffalo Mozzarella Grand Prix, as they take on the Italians to find out who makes the best mozzarella!

Laverstoke Park Farm mozzarella making
making mozzarellaMaking Mozzarella for Fuller's kitchens by Laverstoke Park Farm

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