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The Cask Yard Returns to London Craft Beer Festival

Date: 17 Jul 2017
This year sees London Craft Beer Festival return for its fifth year.

After a fantastic weekend in 2016 with 40 of our favourite beers - brewed by ourselves and our brewery friends - we're bringing the Fuller's Cask Yard back... with a Twist. London Craft Beer Festival is a celebration of the best beer made and poured in the capital - and beyond. the craftiest brewers of keg beers come together to share their experimental brews and their newest flavours.

The Cask Yard offers a unique spin on this gathering of beer lovers and brewers. Namely, that we'll once again be bringing cask ale in to the keg jungle.

The theme of this year is collaboration, so we're bringing along three pilot brews of our Fuller's & Friends beers; beers we've created with a little help from Thornbridge, Marble and Moor. We can't wait to hear your thoughts!

We'll also have a selection of some very special casks of our own beers in peak condition, including Vintage Ale 2017, Imperial Stout, Imperial IPA, Golden Pride, 1845 London Porter, London Pride and ESB - the beer that inspired a thousand breweries!

We'll also be bringing along several casks from breweries that we love, including the inimitable Sierra Nevada, California, and local lads like Redemption in Tottenham.

London Craft Beer Festival champion the modern beer drinker, and are focusing on the people who are shaping the future of beer. this doesn't just mean kegs of hop-heavy pale ales, though. They see a vital role being fulfilled by cask conditioned beers, incorporating the tradition of great brewing methods that we at Fuller's hold close to everything we brew.

You can book your tickets to London Craft Beer Festival here.

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