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Find Fuller's Vintage Ale 2020

Where to find Fuller's Vintage Ale 2020

An annual limited edition brew, Fuller’s Vintage Ale is the most special beer to leave the Griffin Brewery each year. Every Vintage Ale recipe is unique from the last – yet all are made to mature, with the flavours developing over time.

This year’s Vintage Ale has stayed true to its roots, with all the ingredients sourced here in the UK. The story starts with a Double Roasted Crystal (DRC) malt from East Anglia that promises malty sweetness rich in caramel and raisin. Then there’s the Hertfordshire hops - Jester and Godiva, which add ripe berry and tangy citrus notes to the signature marmalade flavours of the famous Fuller’s yeast.

From 1 October, Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2020 will be exclusively available on cask in selected Fuller’s pubs which you can find below!
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