How Fuller’s is supporting positive mental health in the workplace


Fuller’s is proud to be taking a proactive approach to boosting positive mental health in the workplace all-year-round.

From including mental health awareness in our inductions, to having trained mental health first-aiders in our pubs and head office – here’s what we are doing to support positive mental health at Fuller’s.

How Fuller’s is supporting positive mental health in the workplace

Mental health awareness and education

To raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, each new employee completes a wellbeing module as part of their induction to Fuller’s.

Additionally, we created a mental health awareness web page in 2017 to give staff members easy access to relevant information. The web page is updated regularly and includes topics for discussion, Licensed Trade Charity (LTC) support videos, and links to mental health organisations that people can go for further information and help.

To raise awareness about the web page and to encourage staff to use the resource, we organised a ‘stop the clock’ event. This involved all staff across Fuller’s sites stopping for 15 minutes at a point during the day to go through the topics and become familiar with the web page. After this initiative, page views went up by a third.  

We intend to run more ‘stop the clock’ initiatives to further raise awareness of mental health, and we will launch a Mind Type survey for all staff to better understand how the broader workforce is feeling.

Mental health first-aiders

We wanted to do more to support our employees, so we spoke to the LTC and, as a result, launched our Mental Health First-aider course for staff in 2019.

The course is designed to give employees a deeper understanding of issues that affect mental health, and learn how to recognise the signs and symptoms of poor mental health. Participants learn how to initiate a supportive conversation with co-workers and support them to get access to appropriate support.

More than 200 people have signed-up to the course so far and our goal is to have a mental health first aider at every site.

Looking to the future

Fuller’s Group Health and Safety Manager, Lee Marshall, said Fuller’s will continue to do more for the mental health and wellbeing of team members.

“A healthy workforce that knows how to take care of its own mental wellbeing benefits everyone. Overall, Fuller’s initiatives have helped with staff retention because it shows our team members how much we care. Looking after employee mental health helps to build loyalty, team morale in pubs and a wider belief in the business.”

Food Alert recently wrote an article about stress and positive mental health in hospitality, and included reference to the actions Fuller’s is taking to support this. You can read the full article here: Mental Health in Hospitality

Training, learning and development

Fuller’s is extremely proud of the industry-leading training that is offered to employees all over the business.

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