Fuller’s introduces Good Food Talks in pubs

Fuller’s has introduced Good Food Talks in its Managed Pubs with Fuller’s Kitchens, offering a talking menu service to make it easier for visually impaired, blind or dyslexic diners to independently browse and order from the food menu.

There are approximately two million people in the UK with visual impairments, and Good Food Talks provides accessible menus, both online and in its app, using text-to-speech software, large text format, background colour inversion and OpenDyslexic font.

The technology, which was implemented in Fuller’s Managed Pubs with Fuller’s Kitchens on 7 August, includes listings of more than 2500 restaurants throughout the UK. Each listing includes the address, directions, and the complete food menu, including price, description, and allergen information.

The software is free for users, and can be used on smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices using the Good Food Talks website and iOS app.

Good Food Talks available in Fuller's pubs

Making menus accessible

Matt Wadsworth, the founder of Good Food Talks, said: “If you are visually impaired or blind, you are reliant for people to read the menu to you. I'm blind, so a print menu is not of a lot of use to me. My wife and I developed Good Food Talks because she was always having to read restaurant menus to me, and we sought to improve that.

“You can have a browse through the menu, look at the allergy information, so whether you're visually impaired, blind or dyslexic, you can now read the restaurant menu completely independently using Good Food Talks.”

Good Food Talks available in Fuller's pubs
Good Food Talks
 Founder Matt Wadsworth uses the app to browse the menu at The Barrowboy & Banker, London Bridge.

How to use Good Food Talks

If you, or a friend, would like to use Good Food Talks to browse to the food menus in our pubs, simply download the free Good Food Talks app and search for your local Fuller’s pub to hear the menu. You can also visit www.goodfoodtalks.com to use the service online. 

Watch the vide below to find out more about Good Food Talks at Fuller’s:


Find a Fuller’s pub using Good Food Talks

Fuller’s Director of Food, Paul Dickinson, said: “We’re incredibly passionate about our food and we’re excited to now offer Good Food Talks to our customers. I’ve always thought our food sounded good and now it can truly speak for itself.”

Our Managed Pubs with Fuller’s Kitchens have menus listed on the Good Food Talks website and app. Use the Good Food Talks app or website to find your nearest Fuller’s pub using Good Food Talks.

To find a Fuller’s pub with a Fuller’s Kitchen, click here.

For more information about Good Food Talks, visit: www.goodfoodtalks.com.   

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