Fuller’s fans reach halfway mark in epic pub crawl


A group of 25 Fuller’s fans have undertaken the ambitious goal of visiting every Fuller’s pub in England – all 390 of them!

Inspired by the Fuller’s passport from the 1970s, Dave Ball started the Fuller’s pub crawl in 2017, which sees members visiting as many Fuller’s pubs as possible.

Combined, the group is more than halfway through their Fuller’s pub crawl, claiming to have visited about 280 Fuller’s pubs!

Fuller’s fans reach half-way mark in epic pub crawl

The Fuller’s Passport 

The Fuller’s Passport was a marketing campaign started by Fuller’s in the 1970s, where participants were given booklets containing all Fuller’s pubs in England. This was about 50 pubs at the time and grew to 100 in the 80s.  

When they visited a Fuller’s pub and bought a pint of Fuller’s beer they had their passport stamped. Once they reached 50 stamps, they could post their passport to Fuller’s to receive a prize. 

Fuller’s fan and pub crawl group leader Dave Ball said Fuller’s Passport was the inspiration for their fan group and pub crawl. 

“We’ve grown up with Fuller’s and always remembered the Fuller’s passport. We thought we could do the same thing using social media.”

The group has a spreadsheet containing all the Fuller’s pubs, which they check off as they visit new ones. They also keep a leader board with all the groups names and the number of Fuller’s pubs they have visited. One member has visited 123 Fuller’s pubs alone!

To prove that group members have checked another Fuller’s pub off the list, they must have a pint in the pub and provide photo evidence in their Facebook group, Dave explained.  

“We go to a Fuller’s pub, take a few photos and write a little about the pub and our experience there, including what we had to drink and what the pub was like, because they’re all different. Then, we post it in our Facebook group for everyone to see. 

“The group has grown a lot, but we’ve capped it at 25 so it’s easier to manage. It’s all a bit of fun and a unique hobby.”

Fuller's passport

A special tour

The Fuller’s pub crawl group quickly became known in the Fuller’s community, and word travelled back to the brewery. Fuller’s recently arranged a special brewery tour, beer tasting and lunch to thank the group for their loyalty and dedication, and to congratulate them on getting past the halfway mark. 

Fuller’s Retail Marketing Manager Nick Corden, who arranged the special tour for the group, said: 

“We’ve quadrupled in size since the Fuller’s passport came out in the 70s, and when we found out through word of mouth that a group of Fuller’s fans were attempting to visit all the Fuller’s pubs in England we wanted to do something special for them.”

“We’ve grown up with Fuller’s and always remembered the Fuller’s passport. We thought we could do the same thing using social media.” - Pub crawl group leader Dave Ball.

Start your own Fuller’s pub crawl

How many Fuller’s pubs have you visited? Do you think you could beat Dave and his team to 380 pubs?

Start a group and tag @Fullers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can watch your progress!