London Pride Confessions

Open up over a pint of London Pride

What's the biggest secret that you've never told your Dad?

This Father's Day, we asked Londoners and London Pride drinkers to admit to something they've never told their Dad.

In exchange, we rewarded their honesty with a pint of London Pride each for them and their parent.

The results were incredible.

We received hundreds of confessions, ranging from little indiscretions like borrowing the car, to throwing a huge party while Mum & Dad were away; from helping themselves to a beers to sneaking off on a lads holiday.

There were also some incredibly heartwarming stories from people who took the opportunity to open up to their Dad, including proposals and starting families.

Naturally, we knew what we had to do.

We invited some of our favourite confessors and their Dads to the Hand and Flower to open up over a pint.

Since the 1950s, we've been brewing London's favourite cask ale, and continue to bring people together over a pint.