Meet Kate Ross, General Manager at The Turk's Head and learn about her journey through Fuller's!


Name: Kate Ross

Current Position: General Manager - Turk's Head, Twickenham. Currently on the Future Operations Management Programme

Where did you work & what position did you hold before you joined Fuller’s?

I was deputy manager for Spirit Pub company. Before Fuller's I had only worked in one pub, this was my first job in London when I arrived from New Zealand back in 2009. I had never poured a pint or worked in hospitality, but I knew after my first shift on the bar that this was the industry for me. I had previously managed clothing retail store back in NZ and a lot of the skills from this were transferable and help me progress quickly.

When did you join the Fuller’s team?

I joined Fuller's at the Turk's Head in April 2012.

What position did you hold when you first started?

Deputy Manager.

Kate Ross

Tell us about your Fuller’s journey:

I joined Fuller’s as Deputy Manager. I knew the moment I started that I had made the right move. I was lucky to work under Fiona Sparkes, she has been a great mentor to me and has become a great friend. In June 2012, I was accepted on the Management Training Programme, which kick started my drive and ambition to become the best GM I could possibly be. While I was on the MTP, my GM at the time took maternity leave and I was lucky enough to be offered the maternity hold of the Turk's Head. This was a challenge, however a very rewarding experience. When Fiona returned It was time for me to get my first appointment. I got appointed as GM of the Prince's Head on Richmond Green. While I was there I took the pub through a transitional refurbishment.

After a year there, it was time for me to move again and take on the challenge that is One Over the Ait.

When I saw the Turk's Head advertised in December 2015 I knew I had to apply. After my time there as deputy and holding manager I had some unfinished plans that I desperately wanted to complete. I’ve now been back here 2 years and loving every minute.

Last year (2017) I attended the Future Operations Manager assessment day and in January 2018 was accepted on to the programme. I can’t wait for the year ahead!

What do you like most about working for Fuller’s?

I like that I can be myself and put my personality into my pub. I also love the family values and how everyone knows your name! 

Kate at Turks Head

What is your greatest accomplishment while working for us?

Seeing so many of my Deputy Managers becoming General Managers; it’s so rewarding taking people on their development journey and helping them reach their goals.

What is your ideal next position in the company?

Once I have completed the FOM’s programme, I hope to either be a Deputy Operations Manager for the managed estate or BDM for tenanted. 

Who has helped / supported / inspired you most during your time with Fuller’s?

I have been lucky to meet many people throughout my time here at Fuller’s. My first GM Fiona Sparkes, definitely helped me become the GM I am today. We still talk nearly every day, sharing ideas and supporting each other.

Mark Viney my current Operations Manager has been so supportive with helping me transition and develop from GM to Operations.

Any advice for future Fuller’s employees?

Make the most of every opportunity you have with Fuller’s. Get to know as many people as possible, as its always helpful to have a strong network around you.

Turks Head