Fuller's & Friends Pilot brew underway


Edinburgh based brewery Pilot recently travelled to The Griffin brewery in London to begin brewing their unique collaboration beer for the Fuller’s and Friends project – where it will feature as one of the brews for the highly anticipated mixed pack.

Returning for its second instalment, Fuller’s & Friends is a collaboration project between Fuller’s and six breweries – this time from all around the world. Each partner brewery is hand-picked by Fuller’s and paired with a Fuller’s brewer and they are given full creative freedom – including the style of beer, flavour, name and design. The beers are packaged together for launch as a mixed pack in Waitrose.

Pilot co-owner Patrick Jones travelled from Scotland to kick-off the brewing process on 24 January. While he was busy brewing with Fuller’s Brewer Henry Kirk we asked him a few questions about the beer they’re creating together for the Fuller’s & Friends project.

Pilot brews with Fuller's for Fuller's and Friends beer collaboration 2019

Q&A with Patrick Jones from Pilot Brewery, Edinburgh 

Why did you say yes to the Fuller’s and Friends project?

“When a big heritage brand asks you if you want to do something, you say yes – of course we do! The opportunity to come down and see how a big brewery like Fuller’s works was just far too good to miss. There was that element of freedom as well – we could do anything really. We do lots of collaborations with smaller breweries which is great, you learn a lot, but this is something completely new and different which was really exciting.”

Tell us a bit about your brewery and your brewing story. How did you start out?  

“My business partner Matt and I both had early 30 mid-life crises! We both studied brewing and met each other the first day. Matt was a graphic designer and I was in finance and we thought we both had a good set of skills. We both wanted to remain in Edinburgh, so that’s how we began.”

What was the first Fuller’s beer you tried? 

“When you come to London you always have a pint of London Pride.”

What type of beer are you making for the Fuller’s & Friends project and why? 

“We’ve brewed a Wee Heavy. We’re a Scottish brewery and it’s a really interesting style to do – it’s quite a high ABV style but it’s not a big imperial stout, and it’s not heavily hopped so it’s quite malt-forward. Henry was very much up for it as well. It’s easy to throw hops at beer to make it taste good but it’s a lot more challenging to just work with malts and yeast. Fuller’s yeast is legendary in the beer community and I think it will work really well with the malt-forward beer we’re making.”  

Fuller’s Brewer Henry Kirk added: 

“Malty, old historical styles are endlessly fascinating to me, so when he wanted to do a Scotch Ale I was thrilled. There are six different malts and we’re going to be boiling it for two hours so there’s going to be a lot of caramelisation, so it will be interesting to see what happens to the yeast and what it produces. This is the first time we’ve ever made this beer, so we have no idea how it’s going to turn out, and that’s the thrilling part.” 

What did you name your beer and why? 

“We have called our beer Huvvy Dug (Heavy Dog). Our business development manager, Jordan from Dundee, says if something’s heavy, it’s “huvvy like a huvvy dug”. It’s a phrase we’ve never heard of before, and Google suggests it’s nonsense, but that’s what we decided to name our beer. Matt has outdone himself with the bottle design, and we think it will be a real treat for people when they open the six pack from Waitrose.

Pilot co-owner adds hops for fuller's and friends brew

Fuller’s & Friends is brewing… 

Fuller’s and Pilot’s collaboration beer Huvvy Dug will be available as part of the Fuller’s & Friend’s mixed pack launching in Waitrose later in 2019. 

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