Yeast - The fingerprint of our beers


Our yeast is often described as the DNA of our beers.

We have two strains of yeast on site – the Fuller’s yeast and the Gales yeast. Both are stored in the same way, in a Yeast Storage Vessel at 4°C, but at opposite ends of the brewery to avoid any potential cross contamination.

Each yeast brings a different flavour profile to their beers. Fuller’s yeast gives  orange citrus, and toffee flavours to the beer (marmalade notes at discernible at higher A.B.V.), whereas Gales yeast tends to bring a soft fruit flavour to the fermentations, with red berry fruits coming through. The yeast goes in at the end of the brewing day, when you’ve cooled the wort down after boiling in the whirlpool. It is at this point you also add oxygen.

Every ten to twelve generations, a fresh culture of yeast is grown to keep the quality consistent with every brew batch, similar to the way sourdough bread is made.

Both strains are stored off site by the Cara Technology, kept under liquid nitrogen and cannot be shared with any other brewer.  So if the brewery explodes, we’ll still be able to make your favourite beers! (Just about.)