Fuller’s Releases ‘Best of British’ 2018 Vintage Ale

The annual wait is finally over for Fuller’s Vintage Ale fans, as Fuller’s limited-edition 2018 Vintage Ale is now on sale. 

Brewed using the very best home-grown ingredients from UK hop growers, merchants and maltsters, this year’s Vintage Ale is a celebration of the long-lasting friendships Fuller’s has with its UK suppliers and offers a true taste of the ‘Best of British’. 

Read on to find out what’s in the bottle of our 2018 Vintage Ale… 

vintage ale 2018 arrives in stores

What is Fuller’s Vintage Ale?

Vintage Ale is Fuller’s annual limited-edition, bottle conditioned ale made with carefully selected ingredients – a tradition that started in 1997 and was so popular that it has continued every year since. 

Today, Fuller’s Vintage Ale has grown a dedicated following of beer enthusiasts in the UK and overseas. 

Why? Because this special beer is both a collector’s item and a beautifully crafted beverage. It is released in limited quantities of individually packaged and numbered bottles and is made using the finest ingredients available every year. It is a beer to be cherished and savoured.

Its greatest attribute, perhaps, is that Fuller’s Vintage Ale ages like a fine wine or whisky – it will continue to improve with each passing year, but that’s only if you can resist drinking it of course…

What’s in the bottle of the 2018 Vintage Ale?

This year’s Vintage Ale is an embodiment and celebration of the terms ‘home-grown’ and ‘Best of British’.

Fuller’s Head Brewer, Georgina Young, explains further:

“Brewing Vintage Ale is always an exciting time of year. We’re really proud of this year’s beer, it’s a true celebration of the close relationships we have with our colleagues in the wider brewing industry.

“Once we had chosen the theme of ‘Best of British’ for this year’s beer, my team and I set out to find new ingredients that we’ve not used before – such as Olicana® hops – but we were keen to also use some familiar favourites like Maris Otter malt. The result is a really fantastic beer which I look forward to drinking for years to come.”

fullers vintage ale 2018 bottle

What does the 2018 Vintage Ale taste like?

This year’s seasonal Vintage Ale is fruity and tropical with citrus, herb and spice.

The beer’s passionfruit, grapefruit and mango notes might be considered synonymous with the ‘new-world’ hops of America and Australia, but the beer’s tropical flavours actually come from the British Olicana® variety.

Alongside Olicana® hops, Ernest hop from Kent has been added to the brew – a variety that brings apricot, citrus and spicy notes. There are also herby, pine and earthy flavours to discover, from the classic combination of Target, Goldings, Challenger and Northdown hops.

Because all Fuller’s malting barley is sourced exclusively in the UK, the malts are also in-keeping with the British theme of this year’s recipe. Vintage Ale 2018 sees the return of Maris Otter malt – a key feature in many Vintage Ale recipes of years gone by. Crystal malt, meanwhile, lends the beer its rich biscuit sweetness.

"My advice is to get two bottles of Vintage Ale – one to enjoy now and one to drink in a few years." - Fuller's Head Brewer Georgina Young.

Where to buy Fuller’s Vintage Ale

The Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2017 is the 22nd Vintage Ale in the series. All years can be purchased from Fuller’s online shop.  

When purchasing Fuller's Vintage Ale, Georgina has some expert advice: “My advice is to get two bottles of Vintage Ale – one to enjoy now and one to drink in a few years.”

Do you want to try this year's Vintage Ale for yourself?

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