Meet our actors

Nathaniel Curtis

Nathaniel trained at East 15 Acting School and this is his first time performing with Open Bar Theatre. He’s quite used to Open Air Theatre, having performed at Regent’s Park a few years ago. He’s delighted to be playing possibly the tallest Romeo that there ever was.

Laura Harling

Laura is an actress known for playing all the troubled roles. Possessed by dead children. Agoraphobic mother with a gangrene leg. Held hostage my terrorists. Boyfriend a lying murderer. Makes friends with ghosts. Mother abducted by aliens. Locked in the red room. Sister killed in an avalanche. She’s looking forward to finally adding Juliet to the list.

Laura is also a producer and designer, and launched a charity named after her nan, The Dot Collective who provide professional theatre for those living in care and with dementia.

She has worked with Open Bar since the outset, either designing Elizabethan houses, capturing the casts crazed faces on film or getting an aerial rig built in 40 mins. It’s like she started as a scullery maid and has finally made it to Housekeeper - and is very happy to be playing Juliet as a 5’3 33 year old! Better late than never! Mine’s a cup of Front Cheer!

Grace K Miller

If Grace were a fruit she would probably be a pineapple because she is sweet, has great hair and is only used to garnish the fanciest of cocktails. 

When not coming up with answers to use on blind date Grace can found in Fullers pubs spouting Shakespeare, singing and pretending to play the ukulele in the hope someone will by her a drink.

Stuart Turner

Stuart says “It’s always a hard choice between beer or going to the theatre. I’m glad that you don’t have to make that choice and instead get to enjoy both simultaneously.”

Stuart has toured many outdoor productions including Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’, he was funny because of his bottom. Not because he played the character of Bottom but because, unbeknownst to Stuart, during the performance he had split his trousers right up rear region and so presented the audience with his real ass.

Stuart is thrilled to be working with Open Bar this summer! He is particularly excited to play a Friar for the first time and getting to marry the happy couple whilst you sip on a lovely Fullers Frontier, which Stuart had on tap at his own wedding last year!

Stuart wrote this biography himself in the 3rd person so that you think it’s about him and not written by him. I wrote it.


Nicky Diss (Director)

Nicky is anticipating a fairly relaxed rehearsal process this year since it has now been a whole year since she gave birth to anyone and there are NO MORE ON THE WAY.

She will be joined by her mini assistants for rehearsals once again this year but she won’t be paying them until they can make her a decent cup of tea…and bring her a biscuit without eating it themselves...

In a past life she was an actress and still narrates the odd audiobook including Enid Blyton's St Clare's series. Her brothers always did say she had a face for radio…

David Knight (Composer)

David can’t wait to share this year’s collection of catchy and ridiculous songs with Fuller’s audiences.

His music has been described as ‘annoyingly infectious’ so take this as a fair warning that you’ll be humming his tunes for weeks!