Meet our actors

Jessica Alade

Jess is OVER THE MOON to be touring with Open Bar this summer! She’s getting to combine two of her favourite things - Shakespeare and balmy summer evenings at the pub! Well, the two summery evenings we can expect in a British Summer!

Her last experience of outdoor summer Shakespeare took her to Berkeley Castle in Gloucester where she played Ursula and a Watchman in Much Ado About Nothing and Starveling in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Jess is also a Drama Facilitator and works with companies like the Shakespeare Schools Foundation, so she’s a bit of a Shakespeare fan. 

Darrel Bailey

Darrel has plenty of Open Air Shakespeare experience, from performing to parks in London, Palaces/Castles throughout Europe to.... Fullers' Pubs!

The latter he enjoyed so much, he jumped at the chance to come back and join the crew once more! When not performing, Darrel can be found working in schools helping students to get to grips with Shakespeare and making short film projects with his friends.

Vicky Gaskin

Vicky is the wizened old witch or vintage old wine (depending on her mood) of Open Bar, back for her umpteenth summer! She mainly loves being outside, being “extra” and seeing that look on people’s faces when they enjoy Shakespeare for the first time.

When not casting a spell over you with her acting and supporting your drinking habit (see what I did there, it came back round!) she can be found hanging from her ankles on an aerial rig or unitard-clad as the “Gaskin” half of comedy duo “Gaskin and Healy”.

Thomas Judd

As a particularly tall individual Thomas offers unique skills, including - but not limited to - advance weather warnings and the personification of trees.

In a world where more is better, Thomas is literally more actor. He doesn't just act with his face, either; you may well recognise his voice as the narrator of over a hundred audiobooks. And he can confirm: it IS colder up here.

Hannah-Marie Pryal

Hannah, standing at a below-average-height of 5ft 2inch, is double concentrate squash in human form - small but mighty. She’s performed in multiple street theatre festivals and spends her spare time writing comedy songs that, usually, only she finds funny.

Hannah is really excited to be able to be in a pub past 9pm without being ID’d.

Having mainly played elderly characters and children, she’s excited to expand her casting bracket this summer as she takes the role of a Welsh Parson in the Merry Wives of Windsor.

Jo Wickham

This is Jo’s fourth outing with Open Bar, having previously played Adriana in ‘The Comedy of Errors’ and for two years running, a number of colourful characters in ‘A Christmas Carol’.

When not leaping around a Fuller’s pub Jo has been ‘Into The Woods’ in Sondheim’s classic musical as The Bakers Wife, doing a delightful wedding up do as Truvy in ‘Steel Magnolias’ and throwing disapproving looks at Tim Keys character in ‘The Dog Thrower’ on Sky Arts.

Jo can often be found watching ‘RuPauls Drag Race’, listening to paranormal podcasts or pottering around in the garden with her chickens. 

If she’s not driving the crew van in the Summer, she’ll have a gin and slim, thank you very much.


Nicky Diss (Director)

Nicky is anticipating a fairly relaxed rehearsal process this year since it has now been a whole year since she gave birth to anyone and there are NO MORE ON THE WAY.

She will be joined by her mini assistants for rehearsals once again this year but she won’t be paying them until they can make her a decent cup of tea…and bring her a biscuit without eating it themselves...

In a past life she was an actress and still narrates the odd audiobook including Enid Blyton's St Clare's series. Her brothers always did say she had a face for radio…

David Knight (Composer)

David can’t wait to share this year’s collection of catchy and ridiculous songs with Fuller’s audiences.

His music has been described as ‘annoyingly infectious’ so take this as a fair warning that you’ll be humming his tunes for weeks!