Dave & Stacey Wallis, The Farmer’s Boy, Kensworth

A wish to achieve a better work/life balance was the main reason Dave and Stacey Wallis took the decision to take on their first pub in 2016. With two young daughters, the couple were keen to create a lifestyle that did away with the 9-5 existence and gave them the opportunity to build a new and better life for them all.

“All along we have received as much help and support from Fuller’s as we’ve needed,” explained Dave and Stacey. “We’ve been allowed the freedom to get on and build our business, knowing there was someone at the end of the phone, should anything go wrong.

Wych Elm“Even though this was our first pub, we have never felt that anyone was breathing down our necks. It has always been about trust – Fuller’s trusting us to do things our way, and us knowing they’re there whenever we need them.”

As newcomers to the trade, that support has also included Dave and Stacey completing a full range of training courses: from financial to cellar management, and marketing to health and safety.

“Running your own pub business is hard work, but it’s something we are really enjoying and, most importantly for us, when we want family time, we can staff up the pub so we can get away with the children,” added Stacey.

“This is our home and our business, and receiving all the positive feedback from the customers makes us awesomely proud of what we’ve built here.” 

Following their success at The Farmer’s Boy, the couple have also recently taken on their second Fuller’s pub, The Plough Inn, Wingfield.