Is It For You?

Running a pub is a fantastic and rewarding vocation and taking on your first pub, could be the first step to running a business that comprises several venues.

However, it is a lifestyle choice and you should be aware that the hours can be long and you have to be ready, every day, to put on your game face to make sure your customers leave with a smile on theirs.

Today’s licensee has to work out who their customers are and what they want. You might have a pub that relies on delicious fresh food, or one that thrives on sport. You’ll need to have a passion for these and a passion for great beer plus a basic knowledge of wine and you might need to be able to run a fantastic pub quiz too! The opportunities are endless and you are only restricted by your own imagination and creativity.

Before you sign up, we highly recommend that you take some professional advice from experts in the licensed trade such as solicitors, accountants and your bank manager. We will provide you with the trading history of the pub for the last three years, but you will need to determine the profitability yourself. We will provide a shadow profit and loss account before any final interview, which will have been prepared in good faith, based on reasonable assumptions. You should also take advice with regards to your duties under the transfer of obligations regulations (TUPE) relating to the current staff of the pub.

In summary, there’s a lot of preparation you should undertake. But if you like working hard and making people happy – a career in the pub trade is probably right up your street.