Meet our suppliers

In order to provide our chefs with the finest-quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients, we are incredibly selective about the suppliers we use.

For us – and for you – only the very best of British will suffice, which is why all our meat, fish, fruit and vegetables are sourced from local companies in the British Isles.

More than that though, Fuller’s suppliers must also share our unstinting passion for food. They must share our belief that food is more than just a business - it’s a real labour of love…

Owton’s Butchers, Hampshire

If the production of burgers and sausages brings to mind soulless factory operations, Fuller’s is determined to make you think again. Our small-batch burgers, steaks and handmade sausages are produced by Hampshire’s best-loved local butcher Billy Owton– in the charming stone farm buildings of his lush estate.

With his own herd of cattle grazing in verdant pastures, and links to more than 40 of his neighbouring Hampshire farmers, Billy and his team deliver thousands of fresh cuts to Fuller’s pubs every week.

The team is 72 strong, but as Billy is a butcher first and a businessman second, he’s still adamant on overseeing the whole operation personally - ensuring only the finest meat ends up on your plate.

For him, like us, there’s pride at stake.

Direct Seafoods/Kingfisher, Nationwide

With eight depots across the country and one in every major UK port, Direct Seafoods supplies our pubs with the freshest of catches.

Keen to source and promote fish from sustainable sources, the company also has close ties with local dayboat fisherman – bringing you daily specials caught from your own local waters.

Emphasising the premium quality of the produce, Direct Seafoods supplies not only to Fuller’s, but to Michelin-starred restaurants across the country.


Having started out with a tiny stall in New Covent Garden Market, Sheringham’s is now a leading supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables to the catering industry – including Fuller’s pubs.

It’s the kind of company that never forgets its roots though, and Sheringham’s continues to operate as a market stall today. A family business, it shares plenty in common with Fuller’s – not least a passion for seasonality, freshness and quality.

Wild Harvest

Also based in London’s New Covent Garden Market, Wild Harvest provides superb quality ingredients to our estate of pub restaurants.

Working with dozens of UK growers every day, Wild Harvest is able to provide up to 800 delicious ingredients for our kitchens – with wild mushrooms and truffles a speciality.

The company also supplies much of our fresh pasta – beautifully handmade and delivered the very next morning for ultimate freshness.

Harvest Fine Foods

An active member of Buy Dorset, Hampshire Fare and the New Forest Marque, Harvest Fine Foods uses its strong relationships with Southern producers to provide seasonal, local ingredients. It’s a perfect match for Fuller’s, as we seek to put locally sourced food at the heart of our menus.

A family-run business since 1995, Harvest Fine Foods supplies our pubs with superb fresh ingredients and day-to-day pantry items.

Bread factory

Every brilliant burger needs a bun that’s just as good. We get ours from The Bread Factory, an artisan baker that uses British flour wherever possible.

The Bread Factory prides itself on the painstaking care, knowledge and passion that goes into every creation – and it shines through in the astounding flavour and freshness of the end product.

The beautiful range of breads, cakes and pastries has been awarded countless accolades over the last few years, marking out The Bread Factory as London’s premiere artisan bakery.

Cannon and Cannon

British charcuterie is an exciting, fast-growing industry - and Cannon and Cannon is right at the heart of it. Sharing our passion for ethical, sustainable, home-produced food, the ‘British Charcuterie Boys’ create the kind of delicious cured meats more typically imported from abroad.– including tasty chorizo, salami, saucisson and more.

These mouth-watering morsels are available from Cannon and Cannon’s stall on Borough Market– and now from a number of Fuller’s pubs too.

Laverstoke Park Farm Ice Cream

No pub meal would be complete without a delicious pudding, and a generous dollop of ice cream. Ours comes from Laverstoke Park Farm - another local supplier in Hampshire. At the heart of Laverstoke Park Farm are herds of Asian water buffalo producing protein-rich and nutritious milk, perfect for cheese and ice cream.

The buffalo graze freely on organic pasture, full of 31 different herbs, grasses and clovers, increasing milk quality.  Compared to commercial dairy breeds the yield is lower, but creates organic milk that is more rich and nutritional.

Now Laverstoke Park Farm supplies us with delectable ice cream flavours for our pubs, created in conjunction with our own expert chefs.