Chefs & Kitchen

Jobs in the spotlight:

Working in the kitchen takes stamina, the ability to think on your feet and the strength to thrive in a high-pressure environment. Taking in deliveries and storing them in the right place, all kinds of food preparation, being at the beck and call of your Head Chef... you'll get to know the ropes in the sauce, vegetables, fish, pastry and butchery stations surprisingly quickly. There's no better way to learn your trade and when you work with Fuller's you're learning from the best.

"I’ve learned so much, so fast."


Opportunities to move on to bigger challenges come quickly.

Your career at Fuller's will be full of opportunities to gain new skills. Starting with a structured induction, you’ll be encouraged every step of the way. We'll help you develop your natural talents and hone new ones.

The fantastic diversity of our organisation, from the brewery to our pubs and hotels, means you can learn the ropes in a whole range of settings. Join us as a graduate and you could find yourself in charge of a multi-million pound business within three years.

"I know exactly what I need to achieve to qualify for my next job in the company."