Tyron is part of The Cromwell Arms in Romsey’s kitchen team

Have you had much experience cooking? 

I’ve always worked since I was 14. I went into kitchen work when I was younger but everything was already prepped…it was just “grill this” or “fry that” so I left because it wasn’t what I wanted to do – Fuller’s isn’t like that.

What have you enjoyed cooking at Fuller’s? 

I really enjoy making lamb and the sea trout. My favourite dish to cook is the Sea Trout with crispy skin which is done with gnocchi, sundried tomato, olives and finished with pesto. It has lots of colour it and it is so well presented!

Have you got any advice for those wanting to do an apprenticeship? 

If you’ve got a passion for something, push yourself to do it – you’ll reap the rewards in the long run. At Fuller’s, the opportunities they’ve got for you to progress in the company is great!