Ellie is part of the team at The Pilgrim Inn, Marchwood

What made you join our Apprenticeship scheme? 

I’ve always loved cooking but I’ve never really got on with sitting in a classroom or doing exams – I wanted to do something practical and learning and earning at the same time is great for me!

How supportive have the Fuller’s team been? 

They’re great - I can ask all kinds of stupid questions all day and they’re just happy to answer them! I’ve also been really lucky with my head chef – she helps and supports me as much as I need it.

What excites you about becoming a chef? 

The idea that you can change someone’s mood and how they’re feeling with a plate of food is pretty cool! I quite wanted to get into cooking because, especially on social media, people take pictures of food and I just thought “how cool would it be if someone were to take a picture of my food?”