Vintage Ale 2018

Raise a toast to friendship

Brewed exclusively with home-grown ingredients, Vintage Ale 2018 tips its cap to our enduring association with the hop growers, merchants and maltsters of the UK. It’s a celebration of teamwork - an ode to long-lasting friendship - but we doubt you’ll want to share a single drop…

rich and warming

Our 22nd Vintage Ale features the kind of tempting tropical flavours you might normally associate with ‘new-world’ hops - but the beer’s passion fruit and mango notes actually come courtesy of the UK’s own Olicana® hop variety.

Alongside Olicana®, we’ve used the Kent-born Ernest hop and a classic combination of Target, Goldings, Challenger and Northdown varieties. The malts, meanwhile, continue the best-of-British theme - only natural given that all of Fuller’s malting barley is sourced in the UK.


Passion Fruit

Brewer's Notes

Brewed to 8.5% ABV, Vintage Ale 2018 pours a deep amber colour and greets the nose with rich aromas of cherry, almond and warming alcohols. On the palate, familiar fruitcake flavours mingle with tropical notes from the Olicana® hop, while the Crystal malt lends the beer a distinctive biscuity sweetness. Bottle conditioned as ever, the flavours will continue to mature for as long as you can resist opening.

Taste profile

Deep amber
Cherries, sultanas, almonds
Tropical, rich and warming

Raise A Glass

Alongside Crystal malt, Vintage Ale 2018 sees the triumphant return of Maris Otter malt - another brilliant British ingredient and a key feature of many of our classic vintages to date.

Food Pairing

Take a Bolognese to New Depths

The intense complexity of Vintage Ale 2018 stands up perfectly to the rich game meat of a venison Bolognese, with the long, slow braise of the ragu an ideal match for the deep flavours produced by the beer’s hop combination.