A tropical, lower-strength IPA

Find true hoppiness in Session IPA…

An American-style, hop-forward IPA, this new addition to Fuller’s permanent keg range is truly a best-of-both worlds beer. Brewed with hops from the US and Australia, it’s big and bold in flavour yet lower than most IPAs in strength - making it an India Pale Ale that really can please everyone.

Breaking the mould

While lower alcohol beers are often lacking in body, Session IPA breaks the mould. A complex malt bill including Golden Naked Oats helps bulk up the beer - while bringing beautiful balance to a line-up of five fruity hops.

Liberty, Cascade, Amarillo and Simcoe hops from the US join forces with the Galaxy variety from Australia to deliver a broad palate of tropical flavours - and because the beer is unfiltered, every note really hits home.


Tropical Fruit

Brewer's Notes

Pale copper in colour and brewed to just 4% ABV, Session IPA tempts the senses with distinct tropical aromas and a fruity, hoppy flavour. Galaxy hops added in the conditioning phase bring passion fruit, pineapple and mango notes, while dry-hopped Simcoe and Amarillo offer refreshing hints of grapefruit and citrus.

Taste profile

Pale Copper
Hoppy but not bitter

Raise a glass

Session IPA sees a welcome return for one of our favourite hops, Galaxy - an Australian hop also used in Montana Red. The Lone Aussie ingredient in the beer certainly makes its presence felt, bringing delicious passion fruit and mango flavours to the fore.

Food Pairing

Take mac ‘n’ cheese to a new level

The tropical notes of Session IPA complement the subtle fruity tang of the cheese, while the beer’s carbonation cuts through the dish’s dense texture to refresh the mouth between bites.