A light, golden organic beer

Find natural beauty in Organic Honey Dew

The UK’s best-selling organic beer, Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew buzzes with a zesty edge and subtle sweetness. Approved by the Soil Association, it’s a thing of natural beauty – pure, golden sunshine in a glass.

All natural

Brewed with a delicious hint of honey, Organic Honey Dew is a beer even for those who don’t like beer. It’s one of our most refreshing drinks, best served chilled, and it’s created with 100% natural, organic ingredients.

Honey for Honeydew

Brewer's Notes

Brewed to 5% ABV, Organic Honey Dew imparts gentle honey sweetness both on the nose and the palate. Orange fruit flavours rise from the yeast, while the First Gold hop adds its own citrusy notes. Refreshing and zesty, it’s the perfect companion for salads and Thai foods.

  • International Beer Challenge Bronze, 2012

  • Hong Kong International Beer Competition Winner, 2009

  • Beers of the World Magazine World's Best Honey Beer, 2008

  • Organic Foods Awards Commended, 2003

Taste profile

Honey, melon
Honey, sweet, dry

Raise a glass

If we have to search far and wide for such natural goodness, we will. Our organic honey, for instance, comes all the way from the bees of Brazil.

Food Pairing

Add some zest and zing to haddock and chips with Honeydew

Haddock & chips: Its light body, zest and honey sweetness will complement the fish and lighten the heaviness of this classic English dish. Its carbonation will cut through fattiness and starchiness and refresh the mouth.

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