A naturally beautiful red beer

Montana Red Brewing at its peak

Montana - known the world over for its wild, natural beauty. A place where rugged earth forges mountain peaks and waterfalls, and where all manner of flora and fauna thrive. The perfect namesake then, for our naturally beautiful beer.

A panoramic brew

In a nod to the Big Sky State, we’ve developed a panoramic brew with its own rich, vast landscape: plenty of Galaxy hops for a heightened passionfruit palate, Imperial malt for real depth of flavour, and rye crystal for a distinctive red hue.

With so much to discover about Montana Red, you’ll want to re-visit it time and time again.

Montana red

Brewer's Notes

Pouring a red colour, Montana Red opens with fresh aromas of grapefruit and blackcurrant. On the palate, seasonal Autumn flavours sweep through from the rye crystal, while the Galaxy hops bring scene-stealing sweet and citrusy passionfruit. It’s all set against a backdrop of malty, warm, bready notes, giving rise to a beer of deep and distinct flavour.

Taste profile

Ruby red ale
Malt and hops
Match with BBQ meats or crispy pork belly

Raise a glass

We’ve put a tasty twist on Montana Red, taking the classic American red ale style and turning it on its head by using an Australian hop - Galaxy.

Food Pairing

Perk up pork belly with Montana Red

Pork belly: This ruby red ale offers nutty, caramel and fruity aromas. Its subtly sweet passion fruit and citrus notes will complement the natural sweetness of the meat. The distinct bitterness and carbonation will cut through the fattiness and scrub the palate clean leaving you ready for more pork.


  • Water
  • Ale Yeast
  • Malts: Crystal, Imperial Malt, Pale
  • Hops: Galaxy


Per 100ml
Energy (Kcal) 39.78
Energy (KJ) 167.14
Protein (g) 0.3
Carbohydrates (g) 3.9
Bitterness (IBU) 50
ABV 4.5
This product contains Malted Barley, Rye

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