A bottle-conditioned strong ale

Make a date with 1845

A strong, rich and fruity ale, Fuller's 1845 was specially commissioned to celebrated 150 years of the Fuller, Smith and Turner partnership.  It's a live, bottle-conditioned beer, skilfully brewed to mature over time.

A work of art

If bottle conditioning is more art than science, then Fuller’s 1845 might be considered a masterpiece. It’s matured for 100 days prior to its release, allowing the character and depth of flavour to develop into something truly special.

It’s brewed with amber malt - a popular 19th century ingredient that’s now thriving once again. 1845 is the beer that started its renaissance.

1845 Fruit Cake Aroma

Brewer's Notes

Best poured slowly, 1845 delivers a sweet, fruit cake aroma, a dark tawny colour and a dry finish that sings of spices and raisin. Those fruity characteristics harmonise perfectly with the biscuity malts amid a clever and complex range of subtle flavours, the depth of which you could only find in a live beer fermented in the bottle.

  • International Beer Challenge Bronze, 2012

  • CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain Silver, 2008

  • Guardian/CAMRA Bottled Beer Comp Gold, 2002

  • International Beer Challenge World's 50 Best Beers, 2008

Taste profile

Spicy hop
Malty, biscuity

Raise a glass

A majestic example of bottle-conditioned ale, 1845’s crowning glory lies in its origins. The inaugural hops were added to the copper by HRH The Prince of Wales during his 1995 brewery visit.

Food Pairing

Get in a stew with 1845

Pours a deep bronze and offers aromas of dried fruits, toffee, some subtle honey and nuts.

Its full body has the depth to stand up to the strong flavours of the stew, where the sweet aromas carry through onto the palate and that sweetness will complement the natural sweetness of the dish.