Picking the right partners

At Fuller’s, our close watch on the social impact of our business means putting our suppliers under the spotlight too.

Right across the business, we seek to work only with companies that share our values - which is why we ask to see a copy of their own Corporate Social Responsibility policy ahead of any agreement.

We also consider the human rights, health and safety, and other ethical policies of our suppliers when making our buying decisions.

A shared vision is particularly important when it comes to food suppliers, where our commitment to sustainable, local produce meets no compromise. All our chips are from potatoes grown by British farmers, and our fresh meat is sourced within the United Kingdom through trusted butchers with a fully traceable supply chain.

Our eggs meet Lion Quality standards and all come from British farms, and we buy fish only from fishmongers accredited by the Marine Stewardship Council.

We continue to source only Fair Trade coffee and we support UK food initiatives such as the New Forest Marque and Hampshire Fare.

Long-term relationships

We look to establish long-term relationships with all our suppliers. Indeed, we have forward contracts in place with our hop and barley farmers, securing our supply of beer ingredients long into the future.

Long-term associations are mutually beneficial, giving us the confidence and reassurance that we’re getting top-quality produce for years to come - and giving our suppliers the stability they need to invest, grow and protect their businesses.

After all, what would Fuller’s be without our fantastic suppliers? We aim to look after them every bit as well as they look after us.