Fuller’s is a company with a long heritage of doing things the right way. In line with this ethos, we are committed to protect and respect our planet for future generations.

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Net Zero

In 2021 Fuller’s joined 27 other hospitality businesses to create a Roadmap for Hospitality to Net Zero ahead of the UK Government’s commitment of 2050. In October 2021, The Net Zero Carbon Forum announced that, as a collective, we would achieve Net Zero on or before 2040 with a commitment to get to Net Zero for operational emissions by 2030. As part of this announcement, Fuller’s agreed that we would align with this ambition. In 2022, we intend to publish our own pathway to Net Zero with clearly defined science-based carbon reduction targets.


By targeting high-energy areas of the business, including kitchen extract, refrigeration and the lighting and heating of our pubs, we aim to significantly reduce our consumption of electricity and gas.

All our sites are fitted with smart electricity and gas meters, allowing us to monitor and act on high energy usage. We also carry out energy audits to optimise energy usage in site and help teams understand how they can reduce energy. LED lighting is now standard fitting for pub’s front-of-house areas. We are also trialling both intelligent kitchen extract control systems and intelligent boiler controls in several our hotels.

We also continue to monitor the electricity consumption of our refrigeration and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems – and we’re tackling the issue of outdoor heaters, implementing a new policy to eliminate uncontrolled gas umbrella units. All new outdoor heaters must be controlled by either passive infrared (PIR) sensors in dining areas or customer-controlled timers in our smoking areas.

In partnership with PodPoint, several our sites now have electric car charging points for customer use. We hope to expand this network over the next year to help support our customers as part of the UK transition to electric vehicles by 2030.

All Fuller’s managed pubs and hotels, and our head office, are powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy sourced from wind, solar and hydro electricity.

Waste and Natural Resources

Fuller’s is committed to minimising the use of natural resources and ensuring we reduce, reuse and recycle waste in our operations - ensuring 100% of our operational waste is diverted from landfill. Where possible, we also recover and recycle food, glass, and mixed recycling. Waste cooking oil is recovered by Olleco and turned into biofuels for heating and transportation. We also do our bit to help avoid single use packaging by working with Refill.org and offering a free refill service for personal water bottles.We actively manage our water usage and install waterless urinals whenever our pubs toilets are refurbished.

Supply Chain

We work closely with our suppliers to help minimise our wider carbon footprint. During 2021, we moved to a new delivery system of day one for day three ordering. This has resulted in at least 60,000 less deliveries into our sites, reducing road miles and the associated carbon emissions.

For more in-depth details on our environmental targets and achievements, please consult our current Annual Report.