FAQs for Events and Weddings

Updated: 29 July 2021

Below are the most common questions about events and weddings – but if your query is not answered here, the best way to get in touch is through our contact us page.  Please state the name of the pub/hotel that your query relates to, if applicable. 
Q: Can I book my wedding/event? 
A: We continue to follow government advice, so your wedding / event can go ahead without Covid restrictions.
Q: Can I reduce the number of guests at my event? Will I be charged? 
A: Any reduction in final numbers will not be charged for, providing we receive notice before business expenses are incurred. For example, ordering food specifically for the event. 
Q: I want to change the date of my wedding/event. Can I rebook? 
A: We are happy to postpone weddings and events where there are concerns that coronavirus may affect their bookings. The bookings will be amended without any charge but some dates in the future may incur a supplementary charge – for example, if the wedding moves from a Thursday in March to a Saturday in July the price difference would be payable. In all cases, we will be able to offer new dates that will not incur additional costs. If you wish to make a change to your wedding / event, please contact the venue directly to discuss your options. We will always aim to be as flexible as possible.

Where possible we will help you to find an alternative date for your wedding/event. However, if no alternative date can be arranged, we will be as flexible as possible to return your deposit to you, assuming no costs have been incurred by the business, such as the ordering of food.
Q: None of the dates available are suitable for me. Will I be able to get my deposit back?  
A: If we cannot find an alternative date which is suitable for you, we will refund your deposit. 
Q: I have booked a wedding/event. What notice do I need to give to cancel? 
A: Due to the current circumstances we are trying to be as flexible as we can be, so we have removed fixed notice periods. We would, however, greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with as much notice as possible before your event and to consider moving your wedding/event to an alternative date in the future if at all feasible. Please note, certain business expenses that have already been incurred, such as food ordering will result in a charge. 
Q: I want to postpone/cancel a booking for a wedding/event. How do I do this? 
A: To postpone/cancel a booking please contact our Central Sales and Events team