8 deliciously dirty vegan dishes to try this Veganuary


Thinking of trying out veganism for Veganuary? Don’t worry, we’re here to prove that vegan food doesn’t need to be boring.

Veganuary is a vegan movement that runs throughout the month of January, where people sign up to adopt the vegan lifestyle for one month. While some may think going vegan for Veganuary means only eating lean and green, here at Fuller’s we have developed a deliciously dirty food offering specifically for the occasion.

Vegan dishes to try for Veganuary - vegan burger

Why go vegan for Veganuary?

An increasing number of people are actively trying to lead healthier lifestyles. For many, this means cutting down their meat consumption and trying out the vegan lifestyle – and Veganuary provides the perfect opportunity for doing so.

According to statistics provided by Veganuary, in 2019 a record-breaking 250,310 people from 190 countries registered for the month-long vegan pledge. When asked for their main reason for taking part, almost 50% said it was for health reasons, while 34% did it for the animals, and 12% for the environment.

Of those that completed Veganuary in 2019, more than half said the Veganuary challenge was easier than they had anticipated, and 51% said their decision to stay vegan was influenced by the discovery of great-tasting food throughout the challenge.

So, whether you’ve made the pledge to go vegan for Veganuary, or you’d like to try out some vegan dishes throughout the month, here are our top eight vegan dishes to try that are full of flavour.

8 must-try vegan dishes for Veganuary

Below are eight deliciously dirty vegan dishes to sink your teeth into this Veganuary, which are available at Fuller's pubs. Each Fuller’s pub and kitchen will have their own Veganuary specials and may not have all the dishes on offer, but here is a taste of what you'll find on the menu...

1. Spinach and tofu arancini with Marinara sauce

Vegan dishes to try for Veganuary

2. Pulled jackfruit tacos with mango salsa

Vegan dishes to try for Veganuary - jack fruit tacos

3. Vegan chilli nachos with guacamole and vegan cheese

Vegan dishes to try for Veganuary - vegan nachos

4. Kentucky fried vegan burger with slaw and chips

Veganuary pubs

5. Aubergine and courgette linguini with peppers, basil and chilli breadcrumbs

Vegan dishes to try for Veganuary - aubergine linguini

6. Vegan Sunday nut roast with all the trimmings

Vegan dishes to try for Veganuary - vegan nut roast with yorkshire pudding

7. Caramelised mango crumble with almond anglaise

Vegan dishes to try for Veganuary - vegan mango crumble

8. Chocolate tofu terrine with coconut yoghurt, lime and hazelnuts

Vegan dishes to try for Veganuary - tofu terrine

Dine with Fuller’s this Veganuary

All Fuller’s managed pubs across England will be serving up delicious vegan and vegetarian food and drinks this January for Veganuary – a charity which aims to inspire people to try the vegan lifestyle for a month. 

Your dietary needs are important to us at Fuller’s. That’s why we are ensuring we have a selection of vegan and vegetarian food and drinks on offer at our pubs all year round, with even more vegan and vegetarian friendly dishes available during the month of Veganuary.

Get 20% off your bill in January

Whether you’re taking part in Veganuary or just seeking some comforting, quality pub food, you can get 20% off your total bill up to the value of £250. Sign up here to receive your voucher code for 20% off food and drink at your local Fuller’s Kitchen up until the 12th February.

With such a great line-up of vegan and vegetarian feasts, along with a 20% discount, how can you not visit a Fuller’s pub this January?

Find your nearest participating Fuller’s pub: Pubs with Fuller's Kitchens 

Find out more about our January food and drink deals: 20% off food and drink in January.

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