Big Yak by Meantime - A big taste from a big beer


Fuller's pubs are now pouring Meantime's new Red IPA - Big Yak. Taking the original and cult favourite Yakima Red, Meantime has gone even bigger by doubling the hops and adding more malt for a punchy new body.

Following on from Cutty Haze and Sunset Sessions, this is the arrival of the third exclusive Meantime beer fit for the season. And as always, it's here for a good time not a long time so make sure you give it a try while it's on tap in Fuller's pubs.

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Key Ingredients and Taste

Washington State's Yakima Valley is home to endless fields of US hops of all kinds, which led the brewers to make this soaring Red IPA with five hop varieties. A big taste from a big beer, inspired by a big state.

"It's Yakima Red's, BIGGER, BOLDER sister. We loved the original and wanted to push it further!" - Sven Hartmann, Senior Brewer


The special malt source is sourced from world renounced German producer, best Malz. The BEST Red X malt makes up 100% of the malt bill and adds the red hue that's synonymous with Meantime's original Yakima Red beer. The original five hops of Cascade, Amarillo, Simco, Citra and Centennial are then added. This beer is also a slightly higher ABV, moving from 4.1% to 5.5% which brings it more into Red IPA territory.


Meantime Beer O'Clock

To celebrate the launch of this great new beer, we want you to enjoy Meantime Beer O'Clock with friends. In the new year, you’ll be able to sign up to receive a voucher so that when you buy a pint of Meantime Big Yak or another Meantime beer, we'll throw in another one for a friend to enjoy for free!

Also keep an eye out for Meantime skee ball machines, shuffle boards and claw machines making their way into selected Fuller’s pubs now. Customers can compete to win special Meantime prizes and more beer.

Don’t forget, these beers are here for a good time not a long time! Keep an eye on the bar as Sunset Sessions makes its way into Fuller’s pub this week. We recommend checking availability with the pub before your visit. You can find your nearest Fuller's pub here.

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