Happy International Women's Day from everyone at Fuller's


International Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March each year and is a global day commending the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

This year’s International Women’s Day is all about spreading some much-needed positivity and saying thank you to the amazing women at Fuller’s whose hard work, dedication and great service keep our pubs running.

We reached out to women from across the business and asked them to compose a message for their Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, saying thank you to one (or more) women who they work with, whether that be a team member, a manager, someone who has gone out of their way or someone who is always there for them. Here are some of the lovely messages we saw from Fuller's Support Centre staff, team leaders and the pubs throughout the day...


"As we count down to #internationalwomensday on Monday I wanted to give a shout out to all the amazing women at Fuller, Smith & Turner. And in particular to our fabulous Recruitment Manager Sarah Dickinson who has an infectious energy and is always smiling. I really appreciate your constant positivity Sarah."Dawn Browne, People & Talent Director

"Wow! I am so proud to work for Fuller’s and with all the amazing women who surround me - it’s you and your energy that keeps me happy!" - Sarah Dickinson, Recruitment Manager

"Happy international women’s day. Fullers I’d like to nominate Georgina Wald, not often in front of the camera, she is a strong and inspirational woman I’m happy to call a friend #InternationalWomensDay" - Jane Jones, Marketing Director

"Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the amazing women at Fuller's. My special nomination is Helen Wilson - an amazing publican, a great friend and someone who's always been there in my Fuller's career! Big shouts to the two top Janes too Jane Bravey and Jane Jones." - George Wald, Communications Manager


"Today I want to recognise our incredible female chefs who work in our kitchens. I can’t pretend to know all their stories but I suspect that they won’t always have found it easy being a women in their work. And so I just wanted to say thank you and keep going - like all women in male dominated areas of work you are leaving a legacy for our daughters." Dawn Browne, People & Talent Director

"There are so many amazing women at Fuller’s, but I’d like to ‘single’ out Natasha Wildash , Nadine Linington and Natalia Tatar. Between them they are responsible for our rate strategies, revenue management, weddings/ events/ conferences, all pre booked sales and any customer enquiries (of which there have been a LOT!) across our 200 pubs, hotels and restaurants. They have worked pretty much non stop for a year now. Days are long, and no doubt pretty lonely while their teams and colleagues have been furloughed. And yet, they continue to work with huge smiles on their faces and determination to ensure our customers are all looked after and our future revenue is maximised. Thank you to the three of them for ensuring we will have plenty of bookings to come back to when we return to work. You are superstars!" - Mark Fulton, Head of Operations at Fuller's Hotels, Bel & The Dragon and Cotswold Inns & Hotels

"I'd like to wish all the amazing women at Fuller, Smith & Turner a happy #internationalwomensday You are all inspirational and I feel privileged to be working with you all and can’t wait to actually see you all again." - Natasha Wildash, Group Revenue Manager for Beautiful Bedrooms and Bel & The Dragon


"Continuing the countdown to #internationalwomensday by celebrating the fantastic women at Fuller, Smith & Turner. Our Head of IT Bronwen White exemplifies this years’ theme #choosetochallenge and is a great role model for us female leaders at Fuller’s. I’m very grateful for all your suppprt in my Fuller’s journey Bronwen." - Dawn Browne, People & Talent Director

"I'd like to wish all the amazing women at Fuller, Smith & Turner happy #internationalwomensday. You are all inspirational and I feel privileged to be working with you all! Special mention to all the ladies in my Central Team- you all rock! Joanna Miles, Lucy Osho, Katy Horwood, Talita Cavalcante, Alexandra Chatzimichali, Stephanie Gale." - Natalia Tatar, Sales & Events Manager

"Thank you to all the Amazing women in the Learning & Development team at Fuller, Smith & Turner. Especially Claire Dunkling for being a constant pillar of support & encouragement. Happy #internationalwomensday." - Mia Manning, Learning & Development Business Partner

Thank you to all the wonderful women of Fuller's, and Happy International Women's Day!

International women's day 2020

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