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The Service Coaches have been an integral part of the Fuller’s family since 2012. Many Service Coaches have developed their career with us and have fulfilled their dreams of becoming a general managers.

Each service coach plays a key role within our pubs and hotels, delivering truly distinctive customer experience, living and breathing the five golden rules and helping to surprise and delight our customers at every turn, leading by example for all our team members to follow.


To kick off the introduction to our current Service Coaches, we caught up with Matt who is currently at The Round House in Covent Garden and Kat from The Euston Flyer to find out a bit more about their roles.

Matt, Service Coach at The Round House


Matt first started his career with Fuller’s at The Euston Flyer in 2017 as front of house and it didn’t take long for his manager to notice how well he interacted with customers and his passion for building his career, so the idea of working towards the role of a Service Coach was recommended to him.

The Service Coach role involved becoming an induction buddy for the new and current team members, learning how to be a rockstar in customer service, responding to customer reviews and also advising on how to improve the training for new service coaches.

“ I was nominated by my old general manager because my passion and skills were recognised. I always love to help and I’m passionate about building strong team relationships.” 

“The most important thing is to have fun because that way you inject fun into your team. If you make the pub teams feel happy and comfortable at work, that filters through to the customers and they will often leave happy.” 

“Customers buy drinks and food but the service is what you’re selling primarily. The service comes first and is often more valuable than the price of an item on the menu.”

Matt’s Top Tip - Always be yourself, always ask questions and keep smiling.

Kat, Service Coach at The Euston Flyer


Kat had been working for independent pub chains for seven years but felt like she was in an endless cycle and wasn’t enjoying her job. She walked into The Ship, Southwark and instantly had a good feeling about working there and knew there was something different about Harry, who was the general manager at the time.

“Harry noticed that customer service was my first priority. He wanted to utlise my potential and encouraged me to go to the Service Coach interview. The interview was such a unique experience because it was so interactive and engaging”.

“After I got the Service Coach position, it inspired me to be like the people running the interview. I wanted to inspire not be in charge”. 

After Kat got the Service Coach role, she was promoted to a supervisor.

“The Service Coach role is all about inspiring and motivating people, it’s not just a bar job. I tell the team that they need to take customer service through to every role they do. You see people's attitude towards work change and it’s so fulfilling.”

The impact of the first interview made me want to be a Service Coach. It’s also made me the manager I am today and I feel a lot more accomplished than I did 10 years ago. I love Zee and the service coach team. There’s inspiring staff that help you along the way.” 

Kat’s Top tip - It’s important to be yourself, don't fake it. People choose you for a reason because they see your potential.

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