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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air at Fuller’s. Did you know that 1 in 4 people have fallen in love in a pub? Well we have some amazing love stories from our teams and customers that we can't wait to share.

For this year's Valentine's Day, we wanted to share the stories of those who have fallen in love at Fuller's, from our team members to our customers, here are a few of the many incredible Fuller’s love stories to get you feeling the love.


Richard & Luiz

Luiz from The Antelope and Richard from The Sail Loft met when they were introduced by Luiz’s best friend who happened to work with Richard. After the first Lockdown and a lot of messages on social media, the couple decided to meet up for the first time and decided to go for a walk around London Southbank. With COVID restrictions lifting, they were able to have a nice day out enjoying a pint of beer under the mid-June sun.
Within only a week, they realised that they were falling in love and almost two years on, their love couldn’t be stronger. With the same passion for hospitality, Luiz and Richard both hope to run their own pub or restaurant together in future.


Bart & Miriam 

Bart and Miriam met while they were both working at The Counting House back in 2017 but didn't officially start dating until Bart left to work at The Hydrant about a year later.

Bart proposed to Miriam on a trip to New York in 2020, (a week before the pandemic hit) and now years later, they are happily living in The Elephant Inn (where Bart is currently the General Manager) with their dog Astro, and they are preparing for their wedding in Italy in July!


Will & Izabella 

Will and Izabella met while working at the Astronomer in summer 2016. The pub had just been refurbished so the team was quite new, and Will and Izabela instantly clicked and became good friends.

Will was studying at Brighton University at the time, so would only work holidays and weekends. After Will graduated, he and Izabella got to spend more time together and the rest is history. Izabella was meant to go back home to Poland after a year but decided to stay with Will instead. This year will be their third anniversary.


Liz & Aedan

Liz was working at The Old Bank on Northcote Road when she met Aedan on Clapham Common during Lockdown. 

After spending time together and telling him about how much she loved her job at Fuller’s, it made Aedan realise how much he loved working in pubs during his Uni days, so he decided to join Liz and the team at The Old Bank. Aedan has since followed Liz over to her new General Manager role at The Pilot in Chiswick, where he helps out part-time and loves working on rugby and football match days.


Claire & Dan

Claire and Dan are both customers of The Ship Inn, Langstone, which is where they first met. 

Claire moved to Langstone to start her life over and The Ship Inn soon became like her family and home. The staff at The Ship Inn witnessed her mixed success with dating but when she met Dan, he instantly got the barman’s approval and said, “I like that one” and she agreed. Sitting opposite Dan on table seven, under the stairs, Claire realised she really liked Dan and in the words of Taylor Swift, she “ felt it begin again”.

Claire and Dan have now been together for four years. They got engaged in 2020 and married in 2021. The couple visit The Ship Inn as regularly as they can, for special occasions and to share their special place with friends and family. 

“The Ship Inn holds a massive significance to both of us and we’ll always be in for Valentine’s Day, table seven, under the stairs”. 


Matt & Bridget

Matt and Bridget met at The Plough Inn, Ealing in 2005. Matt was the Deputy Manager at the time and he at Bridget worked together throughout the summer until she went back to Uni. Matt and Bridget officially got together in the winter and after sixteen years and three children (all boys!) later, the couple are still going strong. 

Back on their wedding day in 2012, Fuller’s donated a keg of Pride and helped supply the wine for their reception.


If you have a Fuller's Love Story and would like to be featured please get in contact.

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