‘Bah humbug! I won’t believe it’ A Christmas Carol has returned


Well, you’d better believe it, because with a chill in the air, lights adorning our pubs and the unmistakable aroChrismas of spiced mulled wines tempting the senses, the festive season is well and truly upon us and have we got a treat for you.

We love nothing more that embracing all that is wonderful about Christmas but this year we’re going one step further in making sure your festive season is the perfect one with incredible performances of A Christmas Carol across Fuller's pubs. 

A Christmas Carol provides us with a timeless story of love and redemption which has reverberated with a great many generations. One of the most adored of Christmas tales, the story by Charles Dickens, sees Ebenezer Scrooge have a life-changing realisation throughout Christmas Eve with the help of three ghosts from Christmas past, present and future. 

Find your nearest performance here.


From December the 6th onwards, 17 of our pubs will be delighting you with a four person performance of this Dickensian classic. Performed by the Open Bar Theatre company, brainchild of Vicky Gaskin, this unique theatrical experience combines the drama and excitement of interactive performance with the intimacy of a pub setting, meaning you really will feel part of the story, and have the bar near to hand for lashings of mulled wine, spiced ciders and hot gins to make sure you’re kept cozy throughout the performance.


Vicky, Founder of Open Bar, says: 

“The Beauty of Open Bar is that sitting in a pub is a lot less formal than sitting in a theatre. It means the audience can relax that little bit more, and the performers can really connect with them. We know people can feel like theatre isn't for them, but we believe passionately believe it should be for everyone.” 

“In the spirit (pun intended) of our sister company Open Book, where we have a long tradition of adapting classic stories, we make sure the story we're telling honours the original text, and a lot of the dialogue is straight out of the book, but we've added our own magic in the way we stage it. Everything you'll see will come out of vintage steamer trunks, which will transport you to Victorian London with a lot of surprises along the way, and our cast, in classic Open Bar style will change character before your very eyes, making you cry one minute and laugh the next, sometimes as a completely different person. So, look forward to a traditional adaptation with a sprinkle of Open Bar magic.”


Vicky continues, “A Christmas Carol ultimately is about love. and you're leave with a thoroughly satisfying warmness at the end. Especially after the Christmas that wasn't last year, we all just want to see our loved ones, and A Christmas Carol reminds us that that is what Christmas is really about. Some festive ghosts are always a winner as well.”

‘There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour’ which means there is no better time to book your tickets today and join us for an unforgettable Christmas treat! 

Find your nearest performance here.

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