Fuller’s pubs to host Beavertown Intergalactic 8 Tap Takeovers


Beavertown Brewery joined forces with eight different UK breweries to create one-off, special collaboration beers for its eighth birthday, which will all be available to try at tap takeover events at Fuller’s pubs The Merchant and The Conductor on 19 March.

The collaboration beers, named ‘The Intergalactic 8’, comprises of eight different IPAs each named after a planet. The breweries include Salt Beer Factory, Brew York, GlassHouse, Hinterland, St. Mars of the Desert, The Queer Brewing Project, Black Iris and Wild Card Brewery.

The Conductor in Farringdon and The Merchant in Canary Wharf are among a handful of pubs in London hosting tap takeover events with all eight beers, which will be available while stocks last.  

Jon Ward, General Manager of The Conductor, said: “All eight beers will be on draught and pouring at the same time so people will be able to try them all. In fact, we are only one of a handful of pubs in the city that have this privilege. As part of the tap takeover we will also have Beavertown Double Chin available in cans, which is the bigger brother to Beavertown’s award winning session pale ale, Neck Oil.”

Keep reading to find out more about The Intergalactic 8 from Beavertown's Founder, Logan Plant.

Beavertown’s Intergalactic 8 collaboration beers

The creation of The Intergalactic 8

We asked Logan Plant, CEO and Founder of Beavertown [pictured below], about the creation of ‘The Intergalactic 8’.

Beavertown Brewery CEO and Founder Logan Plant

How did you choose the breweries to collaborate with?

Logan said: “The eight breweries were chosen because as a team at Beavertown we’ve been inspired by them, whether as friends or as fellow brewers, and their mission as breweries has also been an inspiration for us.

“Choosing breweries from around the UK has always been something we’ve been aware of to try and support the UK brewing scene, it’s an amazing scene we’re all a part of, so having the guys from Sheffield, York, Birmingham, London and the South West, I think it’s been a great representation of the UK beer scene.”

Beavertown’s Intergalactic 8 collaboration beers

The Intergalactic 8 includes:

Mercury    2.5% Supersession IPA - Salt Beer Factory
Mars    4.5% Sour IPA - Brew York
Venus    5% IPL - GlassHouse
Earth    5.5% Brut IPA - Hinterland
Neptune    6% No Coast IPA - St Mars of the Desert
Saturn    6.5% Black IPA - Queer Brew Project
Uranus    5.6% Jam Doughnut IPA - Black Iris
Jupiter    8.5% New England DIPA - Wild Card

Why was IPA chosen and how did you come up with the recipes?

“The recipes are a very joint, collaborative process as you can imagine. The choices were based on the intergalactic planets within our solar system and we chose the category of IPA. We love the IPA, it’s very much part of Beavertown’s genetic code if you like, it’s the style we were built on, so we thought we’d celebrate it.

“So, we picked the eight planets, then we picked an IPA to suit each planet depending on the ABV – the smallest planet having the lowest ABV and the largest planet having the highest – then we picked the styles out of a hat and picked a brewery out of a hat to go with that style, then we were like, ‘okay, let’s go!’.

“For example, the Super Session IPA we brewed with SALT Brewery, we emailed them and said, ‘right, this is the style, what shall we do? How do you feel?’, we chucked some ideas around and eventually between our brew teams came up with a great recipe.”

What was it like collaborating with these breweries?

“It was great collaborating with the breweries because each and every one of them comes from a different angle in how they might approach a certain style, or the knowledge that they bring to the table.

“I’ve always seen collaborating as growing together, listening to each other’s experiences, and passing on tips of the trade if you like. Whether that’s using different yeast, different techniques, different dry hopping and fruiting possibilities, and just looking into new techniques and growing together. All the beers that we produced are beautiful and ones that we’re all very proud of.”

What are you most looking forward to with the tap takeovers?

“The birthday beers are always very much a labour of love, we can’t wait to see the response from people when they try them for the first time. We’ve had great feedback so far from everyone who came to our birthday event at the brewery, so we want to get them out into the world!”

Beavertown’s Intergalactic 8 Tap Takeovers

Taste ‘The Intergalactic 8’ with Fuller’s

Beavertown’s Intergalactic 8 will be taking over the taps at The Conductor in Farringdon [EC4M 7RA] and The Merchant in Canary Wharf [E14 4DH] on 19 March 2020.

All the beers are vegan – even the Jam Doughnut IPA – and will be available while stocks last.

For more information about the tap takeover events, visit The Conductor and The Merchant.

Beavertown’s Intergalactic 8 collaboration beers

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