Kick And Collect With London Pride

Play Kick and Collect With London Pride

It wouldn't have been February without a bit of international rugby to enjoy.

And where better to enjoy these clashes than in one of our inviting pubs?

To give you another reason (not that you need one) to grab a seat and enjoy the fixtures with us, London Pride gave fans the chance to win a 2-for-1 voucher for pints of Pride when they played our Kick And Collect game.

The aim of the game was simple: score points with conversion kicks.

Ten or more points earned you a unique voucher code worth a free pint of London Pride (or draught soft drink) when you purchased one.

If you were feeling proud of your score, or a bit competitive, you could share your total to Facebook and Twitter, challenging your pals, team mates and colleagues to beat your high score.

All participating pubs were listed here.