Meet Tim May, Executive Chef. Over the last 12 years, Tim has worked his way up through the ranks from humble beginnings as a Chef de Partie to one of our prestigious Executive Chef team. Here’s his Fuller’s story.


"My first experience of Fuller's was working in their off licences for 18 months. I left and worked in a number of golf clubs, bars and pubs, before deciding that Fuller's was where I wanted to be.

Fuller's have beautiful pubs and are really leading the way in the sector, with some truly fantastic food and drink. There's a strong sense of family right through the business. I love going to the brewery and saying hello to everyone, from the draymen to the ladies in reception. It's a great place to be."

Where It All Started
I started as Chef de Partie at The White Horse, in my opinion the best family pub in Richmond, with a great beer garden and a playground right next door. I was mainly making starters and garnishing main dishes, while watching the rest of the team in action and learning how a great kitchen operates.

My Next Step
From there, I stepped up to Sous Chef - a much bigger responsibility. That put me in charge when the Head Chef was away, so suddenly I was running service and doing the ordering too.

Taking More Responsibility
I left The White Horse to go to Shaws Booksellers in the City, where I worked under a brilliant Head Chef. I learned a lot under his wing and after 4 years, I took over as Head Chef myself.

Running My Own Kitchen
Being Head Chef at Shaws Booksellers was a wonderful time in my life. We had such a strong team and I made some truly great friends there. As a team, we transformed a good pub into a very special and widely loved one.

Where I Am Now
After 8 years as Head Chef at Shaws, I was promoted to Executive Chef. The transition from working in kitchens every day to a management role on the Fuller's Food Team was a whole new challenge. It was hard to stop thinking like a Head Chef! I now stand back and look at problems with my managerial head. The great thing is that, even after 12 years, I'm still learning. I need to work on my computer skills for one thing!

Tim May