Meet Sol Yepes of Westminster’s Sanctuary House Hotel. Eleven years ago, Sol was spotted as a chambermaid with real potential to be so much more. She's now one of our General Managers. Here’s her Fuller’s story.

"Quite early on I knew this was the business for me. I made a conscious decision to experience as many different jobs at Fuller’s as I could—partly because I enjoy the variety but also because I knew that to be a manager I’d need to know how everybody pulls together to make the business successful.

Over the years, I’ve had so much support from Fuller’s. They’ve given me the training I needed to do a good job and, even more importantly, they trusted that I could do it. And I did"

Where it all started
Being a chambermaid was my very first job with Fuller’s and I learned so much, including how Fuller’s takes massive pride in even the smallest details (like wrinkle-free pillowcases). It was a great place to start and convinced me that I wanted to have a career in hospitality.

An early promotion
Everybody who works in our business should spend some time waitressing. It’s hard work but that face-to-face customer experience is just so valuable. I found I really enjoyed helping people get their days off to a good start—and that’s what this business is all about.

Behind the bar
It sounds like fun and it is. But there’s a serious side too. You’re handling cash, working long hours, doing whatever it takes to keep the customer happy, and the pace is relentless. But the pubs are integral to Fuller’s business and we take pride in doing it right.

Front of House
It’s busy on the front desk but I really enjoyed the customer interaction, checking people in and out, and dealing with questions. And sometimes problems. It’s a great role for developing your multitasking skills (and your conflict resolution skills).

Moving into Management
After being a receptionist this was a natural progression for me. The job came with a lot of responsibilities, including managing the whole reception team and our high-value group bookings.

A Step Up

I was really keen to take this on and so glad Fuller’s gave me the opportunity. You’re right on the front line, supporting your General Manager with the daily running of the hotel and helping build a great team.

Where I Am Now
After running The Sanctuary House Hotel in busy Westminster, London, the move to The White Swan in Stratford Upon Avon was a big move for me and I’m so happy I pushed myself to take it on. The business is obviously very similar, but the types of guests are very different, as tourism plays a huge part in what we do. I adore the building here – It has so much character and history as it dates back as far as 1450.! Being a General Manager means that I am much more involved with the business side of things which, over the years, I’ve really enjoyed. I’m working with a team I helped recruit and who are just the best ever. It’s a demanding job but every day’s different and I love it.

Sol Yepes