Meet Jon Pellew, Head Chef. Fast tracked from Sous Chef to Head Chef in just 4 years at Fuller's, Jon has become a highly accomplished leader in the kitchen. Here’s his Fuller’s story.


"I was working as a Head Chef in Cardiff and when I moved to London, a friend recommended I should talk to Fuller's. It was great advice, and has paid off massively for me. If you're prepared to work hard, this company will invest heavily in your training and career. I've worked with some amazing chefs, learned a lot from them and made some really good friends along the way."

Where it all started
My first job with Fuller's was at The Plough Inn in Northfields, a really busy pub with great live music and quiz nights. As a Sous Chef, I was the Head Chef's right hand man, and was able to influence the fantastic menu we offered.

My first promotion
From there I was promoted to Head Chef at The Salutation in Hammersmith and took charge of my own team - one of the best moments of my life. I've worked in kitchens since I was 15 and coming up through the ranks helps you pull everyone together. We had a great team spirit and a good laugh too.

A new challenge
After a year at The Salutation, I moved a mile and a half along the road to The Hand and Flower, a beautiful Victorian pub and hotel in Hammersmith. A lot of Fuller's pubs and hotels are in historic buildings - it's an amazing environment to work in. The clientele was quite different and the pressure of hotel service is a lot different to running a pub kitchen. I really had to step up in this role.

Where i am now
My next move was to The White Horse in Richmond where I redefined the food offer before moving to my current role of Head Chef at The Blue Boat. My next goal is Executive Chef. I work closely with the Executive Chef Team and they have moved me on massively as a chef. I'd love the chance to inspire other chefs in the same way.

Jon Pellew