Meet Jane Bravey, Head of Operations – Quality Managed Houses. Jane's career at Fuller's has taken her from working in bars and kitchens to our Head of Operations. This is her Fuller’s story.


"I joined Fuller's straight after catering college and have been given the opportunity to develop and challenge myself on a daily basis. Fuller's is a business full of heritage and tradition, but with an ambitious eye on the future, and hungry for ways to improve. You can always speak your mind, and your opinions are heard and valued."

My First Job
I came to London and started working for Fuller's at The Red Lion in Barnes. I lived in a room in the pub and split my time between the kitchen and the bar. It was hard work, but fun and the best possible way to learn the ropes and the importance of great team work.
A great opportunity
After five years at The Red Lion, I decided to move on and joined the Fuller's Management Training Scheme. I worked in the City at the Old Bank of England pub - a complete culture shock after Barnes with a bigger team, a busier bar and a completely different clientele. It was a real learning curve.

Broadening My Skills
When my 18 month training was complete, I had a great opportunity to get more experience by rolling out an electronic point of sale system in all of Fuller's pubs. It was a completely different role, and let me see the business from different perspectives. I got to know many of our great General Managers along the way.

Holding the fort
I spent a year on the relief circuit, which basically means covering holidays, absences and vacant tenancies to keep pubs running smoothly. It's something that a lot of aspiring General Managers do. You meet so many people, and I made friends for life.

Running My Own Pub
My first pub was The Boat at Berkhamsted, where I worked for 4 years. The Boat had just changed from a tenanted to a managed pub and turning it into a successful business is one of my proudest achievements at Fuller's.

Joining a new team
I was then given the opportunity to join the newly formed Retail Audit team. This role gave me valuable multi-site experience and helped me understand that every business is different, every team is different and needs vary from site to site.

A bigger role
When the Operations Manager position came up, I threw my hat into the ring, never thinking I'd actually get the job! I started with our smallest pubs, which are all community-led businesses, and then worked my way up to some of the biggest and most profitable pubs in the business - a huge responsibility. I had a fantastic and successful team working with me, which made it enjoyable and challenging all at the same time.

Where I Am Now
This was a big move for me and I’m so happy I pushed myself to take it on. Now I’m much more involved with the business side of things which I’ve found I really enjoy. I’m working with a team I helped recruit and who are just the best ever. It’s a demanding job but every day’s different and I love it.

Jane Bravey