Where to get the best bangers for a sizzling UK Sausage Week

UK Sausage Week is from 28 October to 3 November this year and is all about celebrating the great British sausage – and boy, do we have some great bangers for you to try this sausage week! 

Fuller's is getting amongst the action by showcasing delicious premium sausage dishes by our talented chefs, using bespoke sausages made by our friends at Owton's Butchers – our hand-picked supplier from Southampton. 

Expect the best bangers and mash you’ve ever tasted, heavenly hot dogs, sumptuous sausage-themed bar snacks and sharers, and gourmet sausage rolls on the menu at your local Fuller’s pub.  

UK Sausage Week at Fuller's pubs in the south of England

Introducing Owton’s Butchers – our sausage experts

The selection of sausages on offer at Fuller's pubs are made exclusively for Fuller's by Owton’s Butchers, meaning they’re only available at Fuller’s.  

Founded in 1976 at Chalcroft farm by Rob and Gill Owton, Owton’s Traditional Family Butchers has established itself as one of the premier wholesale butchers and farm shop proprietors in the country.  

Robert Owton [pictured below] is at the helm of the ‘sausage room’, managing the sausage creation process each day, while his four-man crew delivers a selection of delicious and inventive flavours – many of which are top-secret family recipes.

Owton's Butchers UK Sausage Week
Find out more about Owton's Butchers. 

What’s on the menu for UK Sausage Week

Fuller’s Kitchen will have a range of sausage dishes available throughout UK Sausage week. Each of our pubs will be doing something different to celebrate the British sausage, but here’s a taste of what you can expect. 

For the main course, you could try Confit duck and Toulouse sausage cassoulet with tomato and butter bean stew, Owton’s pork sausage and caramelised onion ciabatta with chips, or Toulouse sausage and Mrs Owton’s smoked bacon ragout pappardelle. 

For a big plate of bangin’ bangers and mash, bespoke sausages on offer include the likes of Owton’s pork and leek sausage, Cumberland Ring Sausage, pork sausages made with London Pride and wholegrain mustard, or even pork, apple and Cornish Orchards cider sausages. 

You may also see American hot dogs on the menu, or gourmet sausage rolls made from wild boar and apple, or curry spiced chicken and pork. 

If you can’t decide on one sausage in particular, the sausage sharing board offers a selection of Owton’s bespoke sausages to taste. 

Celebrate Sausage Week with Fuller’s 

Kick off UK Sausage Week with a bang at your local Fuller's pub by trying one of our special dishes to celebrate the great British sausage. 

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Only at Fuller’s.  

Our local suppliers

Fuller’s endorses and promotes the use of local, British produce wherever possible, working with local farmers, manufacturers and suppliers to create fresh, innovative ingredients and recipes found in dishes unique to Fuller’s pubs.

Find a Fuller’s pub near you with a Fuller’s Kitchen to taste the Fuller’s difference. 

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