Fresh, Local Food

The food we serve is only as good as the ingredients we use. That’s why we’re committed to supporting local suppliers and choosing the freshest, seasonal produce.

We’re proud to serve delicious, creative, inspired food in every Fuller’s pub and restaurant. But we know that great food doesn’t just come from our chefs and our kitchens. It all starts with the farmers and growers who share our commitment to fresh, local, sustainable produce.

We know where our food comes from
We work with a small group of hand-picked food producers who, we believe, are doing things the right way. They’re mostly small farmers who share our passion for exceptional food, grown with pride. We like knowing that all the home-reared meat—and we only ever use beef that’s 100% British—and freshly-caught fish on our menu can be traced back to the very farmer or fisherman who sold it to us.

Local means fresher
It just makes sense—without the environmental impact and cost of transportation, locally-grown food is fresher, tastier and better all round. That’s why we’re a proud supporter of Hampshire Fare, a not-for-profit organisation that champions Hampshire’s farmers, growers and producers.

Seasonal and sustainable

Occasionally, our chefs need ingredients that aren’t readily available close to home. If that happens, we’ll use only what’s in season within the region of origin so you can be sure that everything on your plate is fresh. We’re also big fans of sustainability and even use the grain left over at our Griffin Brewery to feed our pigs. We’re convinced it makes the bacon tastier!

Fresh food, fresh menus
As the seasons change, our pub and restaurant menus evolve to incorporate the freshest, local ingredients. Our specials change even more regularly; every day there’s something new to try. And love.