Discovering a Fresh New Experience on the Fuller’s Brewery Tour


How do you improve on an already beloved brewery tour? That was the task facing our design team, who were charged with transforming our historic Hock Cellar from a collection of interesting but understated artefacts to an exciting and engaging visitor experience.

Hock Cellar

Firstly, we had to work out what story to tell. Many weeks were spent going through our vast collection of artefacts, as well as considering the principles and values that are closest to our heart. We also worked with our brewers and tour guides, making sure that we considered everything that was important to ourselves and our visitors. In the end, we felt that ‘History & Heritage’, ‘Beer & Brewing’, being ‘Part of the Family’, and ‘Presentation and Tasting’ would give our visitors the full story behind our great beers and brand.

Hock Cellar

To celebrate and tell the Fuller’s story, we brought these zones to life, taking the audience on a journey of discovery of the brewery’s rich heritage and values, through a series of stories and sensory interactive experiences. The ‘Exhibition’ and ‘Tasting’ areas tell Fuller’s story through words, visuals, artefacts and hands-on experiences, including smelling jars, magnetic DIY art walls, bottle cap ballot boxes, as well as offering the chance to taste a favourite Fuller’s brew.

Hock Cellar

The result is a fun, immersive and memorable experience, which is why the tour is now rated #8 on Trip Advisor, with many repeat visitors, as there is always something new to discover.

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