Ealing Half Marathon 2018

We've got a pint with your name on it!


This weekend Fuller's are proud to support the biggest running event West London has to offer. On 30th September, the Ealing Half Marathon will be taking place, and to celebrate (and motivate) participants and their families, Fuller's will be providing a bar in the race village for post-race refreshments.

On Saturday 29th September, the Fuller's dray horses will be attending for the first time from 10.30 am, in order to support the children's' 'Mini Mile' next to the bar.


Pride and Griffin, the beautiful dray horses!

Voted the UK's best half marathon three years in a row, Fuller's will be matching this serving quality pints of London Pride Unfiltered, Frontier, and Cornish Orchards Gold in order to re-energise runners after their event- and their supporters throughout the race! 

 Ealing Half Marathon

To make this event even more special, you can enjoy a pint of Ealing Half Marathon Ale, brewed especially for the occasion. Make sure you get your hands on it though- it will be served for a limited time only (the Ealing Half Marathon weekend) and exclusively in nine local Ealing pubs.


The Ealing Half Marathon Ale will be available at Fuller's local Ealing pubs, as seen on the map above. These pubs include:

Ealing Half

The Ealing Half Marathon will be celebrated using the hashtag #EalingFeeling, so look out for posts from Fuller's local pubs during their festivities on the day.

The mission behind the Ealing Half Marathon is that the event would inspire people in the borough and beyond to take up running, as well as inviting runners and their supporters to Ealing for the weekend. See you there!

Ealing Feeling 

The Event

Event - 09:00am on Sunday 30th September 2018

Race village and Start – Lammas Park, Ealing W5 5JH

Running the Ealing Half Marathon? We have a pint with your name on it!